Hi I'm Walter Westfall.

Welcome to my Westfall Family Genealogy home page. On this site I have compiled genealogy information about my Westfall family, and other related families. Much of the information about the Westfalls came from a book about the Westfalls researched by Ruby Genevieve (Lentz) Wilmore, the daughter of my father*s half sister Grace (Westfall) Lentz, and from internet sources. You may visit and view my genealogy pages which are listed below. Thank you very much for visiting my site.


I have created a file you can view of my Westfall ancestors in America.--

My Westfall Ancestors Page

Here is information about my mother's family, the Kraushaars and Haushalters.--

My Kraushaar/Haushalter Ancestors Page

I would like to provide you with more detailed information about my Westfall family history here.--

Westfall History Page

Here is information about my family.--

My Family Page

Here are some of my childhood memories on the farm.--

Memories-Page 1 (Early Memories)
Memories-Page 2 (Milking Cows)
Memories-Page 3 (Putting Up Hay)
Memories-Page 4 (Country School)
Memories-Page 5 (My Surgeries)
Memories-Page 6 (Country Church)
Memories-Page 7 (Gr. Grandmother Kelley)
Memories-Page 8 (Gr. Depression, My Birth)
Memories-Page 9 (My Classmates-Part 1)
Memories-Page 9a (My Classmates-Part 2)
Memories-Page 9b (My Classmates-Part 3)
Memories-Page 9c (My Classmates-Part 4)
Memories-Page 9d (My Classmates-Part 5)
Memories-Page 10 (Stories My Parents Told)
Memories-Page 11 (Otter Creek Families)

Here you may view some of my family photos.--

My Family Photos Page

You may view on these pages funeral and obituary notices of my deceased family members.--

Funeral & Obituary-Page 1 (Related)
Funeral & Obituary-Page 2 (Related)
Funeral & Obituary-Page 3 (Related)
Funeral & Obituary-Page 3a (Related)
Funeral & Obituary-Page 3b (Related)
Funeral & Obituary-Page 3c (Related)
Funeral & Obituary-Page 3d (Related)
Funeral & Obituary-Page 4 (Unrelated)
Funeral & Obituary-Page 5 (Unrelated)
Funeral & Obituary-Page 6 (Unrelated)
Funeral & Obituary-Page 7 (Unrelated)
Funeral & Obituary-Page 8 (Unrelated)

I would like to share with you here some of my mom's recipes.--

My Mom's Recipes Page

You may view on these pages genealogy information about related families.--

Related Families-Page 1 (Jasper Mifflin Westfall)
Related Families-Page 2 (Kraushaar)
Related Families-Page 2-1 (Kraushaar)
Related Families-Page 2a (Kraushaar)
Related Families-Page 2b (Freand, Anderson)
Related Families-Page 2c (Groppel)
Related Families-Page 2c-1 (Groppel, Coleman)
Related Families-Page 2d (Talley, Foster)
Related Families-Page 2e (Hewitt)
Related Families-Page 2e-1 (Hewitt, Keown)
Related Families-Page 2f (Thompson, Burch)
Related Families-Page 2g (Griffin, Kirchner)
Related Families-Page 2h (Thomas, Boomer)
Related Families-Page 2i (Wanick, Feyerabend)
Related Families-Page 2j (Horn, Dabbs)
Related Families-Page 2k (Kessler, Wahl)
Related Families-Page 2l (Beaver, Lentz)
Related Families-Page 3 (Haushalter)
Related Families-Page 3a (Kelley, Brockmeyer)
Related Families-Page 3b (Young, Adams)
Related Families-Page 3c (Godar, Devening)
Related Families-Page 3d (McNish, Pace)
Related Families-Page 3e (Delp, Lyles)
Related Families-Page 3f (Tucker, Maltimore)
Related Families-Page 3g (Biederman, Vahle)
Related Families-Page 3h (Goshorn, Hetzel)
Related Families-Page 3i (Hopkins, Wiegand)
Related Families-Page 3j (Norris, Shults)
Related Families-Page 3k (Miller, Alben)
Related Families-Page 3l (Dunham)
Related Families-Page 3l-1 (Dunham, Reed)
Related Families-Page 3m (Haag, DeBoard)


Related Families-Page 4 (Jasper, Floyd, and Alonzo Westfall)
Related Families-Page 4a (Emanuel Jr, Asbury, and Perry Westfall)
Related Families-Page 5 (Perry and Catherine Westfall)
Related Families-Page 6 (Cornelius Jr. and Cornelius Westfall Sr.)
Related Families-Page 6a (Abel and Jacob Westfall)
Related Families-Page 7 (Johannes Westfall)
Related Families-Page 7a (Cornelius Westfall)
Related Families-Page 7b (Joseph Westfall)
Related Families-Page 7c (John Westfall)
Related Families-Page 7d (Johannes John Wesley Westfall)
Related Families-Page 7e (Reuben Westfall)
Related Families-Page 7f (Daniel Westfall)
Related Families-Page 7g (Joel Westfall Jr.)
Related Families-Page 7h (Isaac Westfall)
Related Families-Page 7i (Wilhelmus Westfall)
Related Families-Page 7j (Zachariah Westfall)
Related Families-Page 8 (Jurian Westfall)
Related Families-Page 8a (Simon Westfall)
Related Families-Page 9 (Helmick, Bogaert, De Hooges)
Related Families-Page 10 (Kool, Kuykendall)

On these pages I have included information regarding my former classmates, and other families my parents and I knew in the Fieldon, Otter Creek, and Rosedale area of Jersey County, IL.--

Classmates & Other Jersey County, IL Families-Page 1
Classmates & Other Jersey County, IL Families-Page 2
Classmates & Other Jersey County, IL Families-Page 3
Classmates & Other Jersey County, IL Families-Page 4
Classmates & Other Jersey County, IL Families-Page 5

On these pages I have included genealogy information regarding unrelated families my parents and I knew in the Jersey County, IL area--

Unrelated Families-Page 1 (Kirchner)
Unrelated Families-Page 2 (Heitzig, Depper)
Unrelated Families-Page 3 (Russell)
Unrelated Families-Page 4 (Morrison, Krueger)
Unrelated Families-Page 5 (Fraley, Roady)
Unrelated Families-Page 6 (Schaaf)
Unrelated Families-Page 6a (Schaaf)
Unrelated Families-Page 7 (Dabbs)
Unrelated Families-Page 8 (Ayres)
Unrelated Families-Page 9 (Ringhausen)
Unrelated Families-Page 9a (Ringhausen)
Unrelated Families-Page 10 (Cope)
Unrelated Families-Page 10a (Cope)
Unrelated Families-Page 10b (Cope)
Unrelated Families-Page 11 (Davenport, Cain)

Here is a collection of my poetry and prose writings that I have written over the years. Most of my writings were created and composed in my youth.--

My Poetry and Prose-Page 1
My Poetry and Prose-Page 2
My Poetry and Prose-Page 3
My Poetry and Prose-Page 4
My Poetry and Prose-Page 5
My Poetry and Prose-Page 6
My Poetry and Prose-Page 7
My Poetry and Prose-Page 8
My Poetry and Prose-Page 9

Here is a link to my family tree page created by Ron Wall on his Ron and Sue Wall's Family History Website.--

Walter Westfall Family Tree


I would also welcome any information or questions you might have about the Westfall family or my mother's family, the Kraushaars, and any questions or information you might have about other related families, or families my parents and I might have known.


You can also check out the links below to websites which provide more information about Westfall genealogy, and also my poetry and prose sites which feature some of my own writings.
Thank you very much.

Links to other sites on the Web

Traces of the Past

Ron Wall and Sue Wall*s Family History Site

Cyndi*s List-U.S.-New York Genealogies

My Inspirational Poetry Site (Omega Sun)

My Poetry And Prose Site

My Mother's Memorial Page

My Prayer Request Page


Below are some helpful genealogy reference and research sites.

Jersey County, Illinois GenWeb Website

Accessgenealogy.com Website

Familysearch.org Website

Surnameweb.com Website

Gensource.com Website

Genserv.com Website

Rootsweb.com Website

History at Home: A Guide to Genealogy

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