My Mother's Memorial Page

I would like to dedicate this memorial page in memory of my beloved mother.

Lovie Katherine Westfall
February 10, 1904-March 19, 1995.

I wrote this little poem shortly after my mother's death.

My Mother

I remember my mother's face,
Her gentle blue eyes,
Her kind smile,
And tears come to my eyes.

She has passed away,
Passed from my sight,
Passed from my world,
And gone is my light.

Thank You Missybelle For The Lovely Locket

Hymn by John C. Miller

Mother of mine, an angel of grace
Always loving, such a beautiful face,
Aways so tender, always so kind,
An angel from heaven, this mother of mine.

Mother of mine, look down from above,
And guide and protect the ones that you love,
Who watched them in childhood with tender care,
And taught them to say their evening prayer.

Mother of mine, look down from the sky,
On your children that idolized you,
Your beauty of soul will always remain
With us on this earth till we meet again.

Thank You Caroline For This Lovely Award For My Mother's Page

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