I conclude we may live on a higher plane, perchance see the sunset from some high hill. We need not be lowly creatures mired in the muck of the evil and wickedness of this world, mired amidst our fears, sorrows, hurts, and doubts. But there lies a path leading over the mountain. Let us follow that mountain path to whatever joys may dwell there.

Let us journey to Shangri-La, and look upon a horizon of snow capped peaks. May our thoughts arise as high as the mountains.We ever need to be able to see far into the distance. He is only happy who freely enjoys a vast horizon. Climbing is good for the soul. The higher we trod the more our soul is elevated. Let us everlift our thoughts and journey toward the promised land.

There are green pastures high upon the mountain side.


Who is so seared within his heart that he cannot care for another? There are those so hardened and scarred by life that they lose the ability to have compassion. When we cease to honor and respect the existence of every living human being then we cease to be a compassionate being.

When we hate, deride, or mercilessly hurt another person then we become akin to evil. When we seek through love to help all people then do we become the protectors of good. The only good comes not from condemnation, but through genuine compassion for others. It is a sin to withhold good from someone when that good is within our power to give.

We have an obligation to all people, not just those of our group, but all of the rest of humanity. All people, even those of another country, culture, race, or religion, are deserving of our respect, our honor, and our love. If we proclaim to be compassionate human beings then we are obligated to uphold the dignity of each individual. This obligation is demanded of each person with a compassionate heart.

We must battle for the good of all people, for the rights of all people, and for the sake of all people.

By The Pool

I came upon her sitting by the pool
In the evening cool;
Sitting there without a sound,
Making blessed the ground.

There a holy place she made
Which after her stayed.
Her presence made all there
To be things more than fair.

I watched her as one might a star,
Worshipping from afar.
Just seeing her was delight.
She was joy to my sight.

Her words were like music to me.
They brought me harmony.
It was heaven when she was near.
Heaven she made right here.

One look from her and I was glad.
One smile and no more sad.
Like dewdrops in the sun
Looked her eyes each one.

Like the radiance of spring
Her face was so promising.
Her hair was so soft and shining.
I for her was pining.

She was all when she was nearby,
A being almost too high.
She was unto my mind divine.
Oh, but she was so fine!

Everyone Is A Poet

All who are born are poets. Some are not really aware of it, but all have poetry ringing in their heart. All who have ever looked on a scene of beauty or magnificence with awe, all who have ever looked at the stars, all who have ever loved, all who have ever felt the presence of God, all who have ever known an ideal, or believed in a dream are poets.

Poetry lives in every heart that ever cared for someone or something, that ever hoped or aspired, that ever knew harmony or sought peace. All are poets young and old. Perhaps the finest and the truest poets never write a verse, but have poetry down deep in their heart.

A poet is not a mere dabbler in verses, but is a person endowed with a sense of beauty, and that beauty he sees in everything. A poet is a person who feels that a wonderful being rules and reigns and makes everything in life move in accord with His purpose. Thus a poet believes in the harmony of the universe.

A poet feels it is his destiny to love and cherish the good around him. A poet is a worker in behalf of the light of human understanding. His main duty and task is to promote a love for that most deserving, and with that better understanding.

The following poem was written by Jaime. Thank you Jaime for permission to place your beautiful poem on my page.

A Poem By Jaime

I wasn't looking and yet I found
A man who turned my life around

With just his glance, his voice, his touch
My heart fills with such
Love and desire
And my soul is consumed
By a glorious fire

I wasn't looking and yet I found
A man who turned my life around

Thoughts of him fill up my day
And only he knows just the way
To make my night a beautiful dream
And polish each moment
Leave it a-gleam

I wasn't looking and yet I found
A man who turned my soul around

The happiness and warmth we share
Is something only he puts there
A loving spirit, a caring heart
A hope that we shall
Never part

I wasn't looking and yet I found
A man who turned my heart around.


You may visit Jaime's site and read more of her beautiful poems at-Jaime's Musings.

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