The Brink

"Let Me Out"! I cry with fear.
Yet something draws me in.
The edge, the brink is near,
To which I come again.

Though how would it feel to fall?
And yet I fear to think.
I have no reason at all
When I come near the brink.

It is like tempting at fate
To see what will avail.
Some urge within so great
Does pull me without fail.


That ravage within
That wanders back ever again.
In the night like rolling thunder
Strange fears I am cast under
Which reason cannot break asunder.

Fear, a powerful thing,
A morbid condition can bring.
We may be in it bound
Till no relief be found,
Andthere be nothing but fear around.

How complete a thing is fear.
When it dwells nought else is near.
It consumes the mind.
It a hold on the heart does find,
Leaving a path of destruction behind.

Tha Storm Within

The terrible storm that blows
Beneath the breast
In intensity grows,
A raging tempest;

Many have fallen under
This storm within,
By it cast asunder,
Not rising again.

Passion that lightning flame
Strikes within the heart.
Desires one cannot tame
Tear the soul apart.

The tumultuous wind of fear
Does batter ever
With roaring in the ear,
While ceasing never.

And the hail of doubt that falls
In the mind pounding,
Thumping upon the walls
With fury resounding;

The clashing on all sides,
The thunderous roar,
When inner conflict abides
Ceasing nevermore.


Nothing is so pitiful quite
As insufferable agony.
Nothing so gruesome to sight
As such suffering to see;

The face contracted in the pain,
The fevorish eyes so burning,
The body held with great strain,
While for peace is yearning.

I tell you nothing is so sad
As agony so very great,
No affliction is so bad
As an agonizing state.

To relieve pain just a bit
Would seem a most heavenly task,
Just relieve a part of it
Would be all that some would ask.

Many good deeds we might perform,
But to relieve pain would seem the best,
For pain can do the most harm,
And is more unkind than all the rest.

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