I Am Glad Just To Be

All my years add to this,
Life is some of sorrow, some of bliss.
One hour may bring me peace of mind,
Another send me for it to find.

Today I may happy be,
Tomorrow my happiness may flee.
My hope may lift her wings and fly,
But ere too long even hope does die.

As the clock does go around,
I am content to be yet found.
And great reward does lure me not,
So long as my life I still have got.

Though life is some good, some bad,
I still for it am forever glad.
and if I lose more than I win,
I am still glad that I have been.

We Must Care

We must care about something or somebody. It is dark, cold, and terrifying unless we do. The dragons all come at us unless we care.

This caring keeps us going, keeps us hoping in a world of violence, pain, and destruction. If we can find it in ourselves to love we have the battle half won. If once in a while there trickles a tear from our eyes out of sympathy or sorrow, and if we can feel joy in the sunshine, and peace in the morning with an enduring love for people beyond all their faults, then I tell you we have come a long way.

There is nothing dismal where a present ever living love dwells. It is a comfort bearer giving a cheerful contenance unto all who possess it in the very midst of evil storms.

He who loses this ability to care wanders blindly and helplessly in an unmerciful world of his own creation. Each one of us makes the world anew. If we have love in our hearts we make it fruitful and beautiful, but if we have hate we make it barren and ugly.


There is a blessed thing, a wonderful thing which lets people confide in one another, which makes the world endurable, which helps people dwell together intimately and happily, a thing called understanding.

All people have need of this fountain flowing from the breast of human kind. Wherever one comes in contact with people one knows that somewhere among them there are those who can understand, those who have the capacity to feel compassion. All over the earth, thank God, the wondrous gift of understanding can be found. May understanding never pass away.

Darkness is only the beginning of the horrors encountered in a world devoid of understanding. Wherever there are human beings I must believe, I am persuaded to believe, there is understanding. I dread to think of life in this world the day that is not so.

Human beings with understanding never ridicule others, never cast the first stone, they never turn their back on the desolate and poor, nor become cold like the stones. Human beings with understanding remember their own mistakes and forgive the mistakes of others. They are more ready to listen than to condemn, to believe than to deny, to love than to hate, and to speak of hope than to speak of despair. Those who have understanding are fortunate to have it, and even more fortunate are those who come in contact with them.

Good Morning

Good morning bright day!
You have chased all my cares away.
And I am happy
That you have been given to me.

Good morning sunshine!
Shine on me while I dine.
Comedwell by my side.
Come in and with me abide.

Good morning song bird!
Your sweet singing I have often heard.
Honored I would be
To hear you singing for me.

Good morning blue sky!
We are peaceful this day, you and I.
Cover me, my friend.
You my canopy without end.

Good morning my hill!
Standing there ever so still.
Each morning you await
As on your form I contemplate.

Good morning old oak!
Your aged limbs strong, and some broke.
For your shade I thank you.
Your a friend kind and true.

Caring For Others

To care for others is divine. I care not what philosophy you have, if it differs from this, caring for others, then it is wrong. The good we do is measured by how much we care for others. The evil we do is measured by how uncaring and selfish we are.

It is a wondrous trail to happiness when we care for others. it is a darksome trail to despair when we do not care for others. There is beauty along the way when we care for people, but the way of the uncaring and selfish heart is ugly everywhere he goes.

The spirit of caring is the spirit of life. The spirit of selfishness is the spirit of death. When we care we give life and we receive life, but when we are uncaring we give death and we receive death. Each time we act selfishly without love for others we lose a part of the beauty in life, a part of the divine, a part of heaven.

When we care for others we know intuitively that we are doing the right thing and going the right way. How blessed it is to have a loving and humble heart which can care. How terrible it is to have a hateful heart, and a stubborn will and blind pride which cannot care.


Everything points toward kindness. It is the magnetic pole of society to which all dreams and aspirations point. Without it anarchy and chaos would reign supreme, and despots and demons would be the only inhabitants of earth.

One need not be told that kindness is best. One need only perform an act of kindness to know it is best, or be shown kindness. There is a feeling inside better than all other feelings when one is truly kind.

Why are so many people in this world of ours angry and sad? It is because they do not show kindness. They say no one is kind to me, so why should I be kind to others? It is a simple recipe tried and true, one must be kind to be happy.

One may be surrounded by angels treating one with profound respect and admiration, and be unkind and be unhappy, while on the other hand one may be surrounded by a band of devils insulting and annoying one beyond the point of human endurance and be kind and be happy.

Why are there so many cruel and hardhearted? It is just because these poor creatures have forgotten or never did know how to be kind. I call them poor because it is a pitiful state they are in unable to experience the great joy that comes from being kind. Kindness is instinctive. I mean the young are kind before they are cruel. Cruelty is a thing learned, while kindness is a gift from God at birth which if given a chance will bloom.

Good And Evil

Good and evil are ever opposing one another in the greatest battle of all time. This relentless battle has raged over our scarred earth, even reaching into the heavens, and it continues with the same fervor, the same unceasing force unto this day.

This is not only a battle among nations, but among individuals, and within individuals. One side is beaten down only to arise again andagain as some instrument for that cause stronger than before stands in triumph for an instant over the other.

Good, the one that must triumph in the end, has had its many martyrs, those who have fought and died for it, those who lived for the sake of good, and opposed evil no matter what it cost them. Evil is a disease which not only infects those who possess it, but those who accept it. The only ones who escape being contaminated by evil are those who detest the very sight of it.

He who can live with evil and accept evil around him without ever lifting a hand to destroy that evil is himself a servant of evil. It is slow and sometimes painful, this battle for good, but he who gives up may not only lose himself, but who knows how many others?

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