Just musing, that's all I ever do,
While the sun is shining down
And in the dark of night too
With peace my only crown.
While silence rules the hour,
I find myself within its power,

Lost within a sea of thought,
In the dreaming mood caught.
Time is such a fleeting thing,
And life is just a season,
So within myself I reason,
And muse as life does wing.

A moment I cannot recall
from the clutches of the past,
But in musing on it all
I can make my moment last.
I will keep on musing still,
And muse I ever will.

Art Is Long, Life Is Short

Life passes quickly,
Ever hurries along,
Unceasingly it does flee.
The pull to death is strong.

But true art does last
Beyond the life of a man.
When long the life is past,
Pure art does the ages span.

Man must live and die,
But art is not so bound,
A thousand years may go by,
And the art may yet be found.


Nothing has stayed people in their eternal quest for freedom. The quest for freedom has had the power to inspire multitudes of dedicated souls since time immemorial to give their very lives if need be. tyranny is one thing the human spirit will not tolerate for long. There is nothing on earth that so offends the human soul as tyranny.

For a time people will tremble and quake under the iron hand of tyranny, but there ever comes that historic day, the day of the revolution. Unfortunately those who revolt often set up in many instances another form of tyranny. Yet that does not destroy the spirit of the people in their quest for freedom, for waiting in the shadows is another revolution, and another, until freedom is won.

There is no alternative as far as human beings are concerned. They possess a God given spirit which will not be subjected to tyranny.

The Countryside

I love the peace and quiet of the countryside. I do not believe I could dwell anywhere else and be fully happy. I love the serenity and solitude of the country. I like to sit and listen to the birds sing, and hear the wind blow, while looking at the trees and hills.

We should be thankful every day for these precious wonders of the natural world. We are richly blessed to live on an earth which has plants and animals, and seas and rivers, and a blue sky and oxygen rich atmosphere which sustains life. Unlike our desolate and barren moon the earth teems with life and with beauty.

Truly God has blessed us with a wonderful and beautiful earth. We should be thankful each day for the many blessings we see around us.

Like A Leaf

Each person is like a leaf that grows
Through the rain and wind that blows,
In the spring beginning to live,
And in the fall life to give;

Like a leaf growing on a tree,
Like a leaf ceasing to be,
Like a leaf living today,
And tomorrow gone away;

Like a leaf of tender form,
Like a leaf weathering the storm,
Like a leaf that comes in spring,
Like a leaf a temporal thing.

like a leaf in the tree so high,
like a leaf we also die,
Like a leaf tomorrow is gone,
Like a leaf so death comes on.

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