Misty Blue Dream

I had a dream and the sky was misty blue,
I was young again and there was a pretty view,
It was warm and I was by the sea,
And everyone there was so kind to me.

There was a beautiful waterfall,
And the trees were awesome and tall,
There were lovely flowers and bells ringing,
And the sweet sound of birds singing,

I heard someone call my name,
I looked that way, but no one came,
Suddenly there was this bright light,
And then I awoke in the middle of the night.

The Purple Pearl

Within the folded shell,
Formed in an ancient sea,
A purple pearl did dwell,
A thing of beauty came to be.

In the darkness hid away,
No mortal eye could view,
Until some far distant day,
When the pearl's shell withdrew.

Then like a bird's first flight,
Or a butterfly from a cocoon,
The purple pearl shone bright,
Beneath the purple moon.

The Blue Sky

The sky, the beautiful blue sky,
Since my youth you have covered me,
Have protected and sheltered me from harm,
And provided a pleasant view for my eye;

Serenity engulfs my heart and soul,
As into your azure depths I peer,
Your deep blue hues compose my thoughts,
And take away my sadness and fear.

Even during my latter years on earth,
I continue to be entralled by you,
And find within your cerulean vistas,
A peace which not even life's trials can undo.

Blue Moon

Blue moon looking down on me,
Blue moon where have you been?
I've been feeling sad and lonely.
It is sure good to see you again.

Blue moon where did you go?
How come you left me all alone?
I don't have many friends you know.
I get lonely when your gone.

Blue moon up in the sky,
Don't leave so long like before,
I think that I might just die,
If you don't come back anymore.

Blue Roses

I wish to give you blue roses my friend,
And hope our friendship does never end,
Because good friends are hard to find,
Especially friends like you so kind.

These roses soon will fade away,
But our friendship is here to stay.
For when all is said and done,
Is not friendship important to everyone?

This world can seem very cold,
Without the hand of a friend to hold,
So these blue roses I give to you,
In honor of our friendship so true.

The First Bluebird of Spring

The first bluebird of spring,
Is always a joy to me,
When it first commences to sing,
It sets my spirit free.

After the winter long and cold,
It is always a time of gladness,
Once again the bluebird to behold,
And let go of my gloom and sadness.

So it is in the spring each year,
When the first bluebird I spy,
A treasured moment I hold dear,
And to the winter I say goodbye.

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