Rainbow Makers

Some people are rainbow makers,
Some people are happiness awakers,
Some people fill a room with light,
Some people light up the night;

Some people are filled with love,
Some people are like angels from above,
Some people always have a smile,
Some people are cheerful all the while;

Some people are generous and giving,
Some people make life worth living,
Some people are always kind,
How fortunate are we such people to find.

Rainbow People

Some people are rainbow people,
They are as beautiful as the rainbow,
Filled with sunshine and hope,
And like the rainbow they glow.

Rainbow people are wonderful beings,
Who are always giving and kind,
Who always care for others,
And who have a loving heart and mind.

Rainbow people brighten our world,
With their compassionate spirits of light.
Rainbow people are angelic souls,
Who save us from the night.

Where's All The Rainbows Gone

It has been a long, long time,
Since I've seen a rainbow in the sky.
Where's all the rainbows gone?
I would sure like to see one before I die.
Where's all the rainbows gone?

When I was a little boy,
I saw rainbows almost every day.
Where's all the rainbows gone?
How come the rainbows have all gone away?
Where's all the rainbows gone?

Now that I'm old and don't see so well,
I don't see any rainbows anymore.
Where's all the rainbows gone?
I wish I could see rainbows like before,
Where's all the rainbows gone?


Sometimes when we feel depressed,
Then we see a rainbow,
And all our unhappiness goes away.
Why it is I don't know,
But it always seems to be so.

It is really like a miracle,
How a rainbow always hope revives,
Even when things are at their worst,
Hope in the heart once again thrives,
And happiness again enters our lives.

I know some people may doubt,
But you just wait and see,
When life is more than you can bear,
And you are sad and unhappy,
I know there will a rainbow be.

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