A Friend

A friend is like an angel,
Sent from heaven above,
Just when we think no one cares,
Someone shows us some kindness and love.

The world can sometimes seem cruel,
And a lonely place and cold,
Especially when we are down,
and when we are sick or getting old.

But a friend can make things better,
And make the world seem right,
Just with a kind word or smile,
A friend turns our world bright.

Flowers In Our Garden

In the garden of our life,
Every friend is a beautiful flower,
Who brightens our world,
And gives us happiness each hour.

Even though the world can be harsh,
And sometimes we feel sad,
Our friends can change all that,
And help us to feel not so bad.

Like the lovely flowers in our garden,
Friends cheer us up each day,
Giving us reason to be happy,
And taking our cares all away.

Points Of Light

All around the earth appears,
People whose hearts are good and kind.
Like points of light in the darkness,
These angels on earth we find.

They are from all races, genders, and creeds,
These understanding compassionate souls.
For the good of all humanity,
Are their worthy and unselfish goals.

These angels of truth and light,
Fill our world with unconditional love,
And we are all much better off for them,
These hallowed ones sent to earth from above.

A Guardian Angel

I believe each of us has a guardian angel,
Who watches over us here below,
Who protects us from danger,
And guides us everywhere we go.

There are times we just avert an accident,
Or feel something is just not right,
Have second thoughts about a trip,
Or have a sudden burst of insight.

This special angel watches over us,
From our birth unto our death,
And even though our angel we cannot sense,
Sometimes we seem to feel a gentle breath.

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