Wish Upon A Falling Star

When I see a falling star,
I say a wish for you,
I wish that wherever you are,
That all your dreams come true;

I wish you happiness and love,
Every moment of your day and night,
I wish you all good things from above,
And may all your days be sunny and bright;

I wish fulfillment in life you know,
And that all your goals in life succeed,
And that wherever you go,
Life fulfills your every wish and need.

Twinkling Stars

Twinkling stars in the night,
Shining down on earth below,
Like beacons shining bright,
In the dark sky they warmly glow.

Sometimes the stars seem so far away,
And other times within reach appear,
Glittering in bright and joyous array,
And like kind friends seem so near.

A peacefulness comes over our heart,
When looking up at a star filled sky,
And our troubles and woes seem to depart,
As we gaze at the lovely stars on high.

The Light Of Being

In the dark a flickering ray,
In Eternity does play,
Like sunlight on a wall,
As the evening shadows fall.

Somewhere in time and space,
Our being does briefly grace,
The portal of the now,
And our light exists somehow.

Our being is like a light,
A star shining in the eternal night,
And like a star does glow,
Until like a dying ember we go.

Starlight and Moonbeams

It's said Starlight and moonbeams have a magical quality,
And if you can catch their light in a jar,
And save it there for all to see,
Then it emits this special power.

I've had no luck capturing the miracle light,
So I don't know if it is really true,
But maybe I will try again some other night,
When the moon and stars are shining anew.

Starlight and moonbeams are difficult to keep,
And the older I get the less hope have I,
And the more I tend to drift to sleep,
Than try capturing mystical light from the sky.

The Brightest Star

Above the manger at Bethlehem,
The brightest star did shine,
Where Jesus was born
On that first Christmas morn,
And the star was given as a sign.

The light of that bright star,
Still brightens our world today,
Filling our hearts with love,
And the love of our Saviour above,
Can take our sadness and pain away.

In a world of sorrow and darkness,
Where anxiety and uncertainty abound,
The miracle of that glorious light,
Shines brightly in the dark night,
And love and peace are found.

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