Come And Dream With Me

Come and dream with me,
In the light of day,
Or in the night we may,
In dreamland let us be.

Let us dream beneath the sky,
As our life to dreams we give,
As in our dreams we live,
Let us dreamily pass by.

White clouds up above,
Let us dream as they flow,
Life is but a dream you know,
Let us in our dreams love.

The stars twinkling bright,
Sweet dreams they inspire,
With their dreamlike power,
Ever present in the night.

The soft golden moonlight gleams,
And on every moonlit scene,
A world of dreams is seen,
For our life is made of dreams.

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My Own Quotations

In a sense we create our own world, and from much the same material one may create a paradise and the other an infernal.

Words are similar to music
and those who speak them musicians. The unkind are always striking the sour notes.

Courtesy pays more dividends than stocks or bonds.

Friends are those one would rather be with than be alone.

One might say a person is of little value unless they are a friend, and show forth friendliness.

The object of life is not possession, but contribution.

There is something about a smile which alleviates everything sad and oppressive in the human heart.

There is nothing more appalling than neglect or unconcern for the rights or feelings of others.

By doing a service for someone else with their good in view one performs the supreme oblation.

The greatest blessing is waking up in the morning and finding oneself yet alive.

There is nothing like starting out on a new road to help one forget about their troubles.

Every so often a person needs a little praise and a little reproof.

The trouble with the world is there are too many strangers.

Today is something we waste away waiting for tomorrow.

Hope is the morning after when the sun is shining down bright again.

If those who come after us are privileged to hear the birds sing then I think they will not go too far wrong.

Right is a mean between two extremes.

Contentment is agreeing with what one knows is right.

Rain sounds the cords to which all things grow.

Despair is someone looking into the darkness and believing it to be all there is.

The hope and wonder of the universe is born anew in every child.

The world is fashioned to reveal beauty and wonder to every separate individual.

A compliment is a cementer of friendships.

The Love Of God

The love of God maketh us glad,
In our life here below,
It taketh away all the sad,
And lets sweep peace flow.

Great darkness cannot take away
That great eternal light,
For it shall forever stay
As a light in the night.

Such love so pure and full of grace,
God does have for man,
He can brighten every face,
More than all else can.

This love which God does hold in store,
Is free to all who come,
He will release it evermore,
And never hold it from.

That we might be partakers of
This wondrous gift of God,
Dwelling ever within His love,
Happily there to trod.

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