Unto My Saviour I Cry

I lift up my eyes unto the sky,
Unto my Saviour I cry.
With my heart I humbly pray,
Oh my Lord, hear me today!

Be with me as I travel this road,
Lord help me bear my load.
Without Thee I am so alone,
By the cold bitter wind am blown.

My load is far too heavy for me,
Only Thou can set me free.
As I kneel here on the ground,
Thy presence is near all around.

I seem to feel a strength so strong,
And seem to hear the sweetest song.
A peace I feel so divine,
A wondrous blessing is mine.

An assurance I never had before,
Helps me to go onward once more,
Through the cold and darkest night,
Onward Lord, unto the light.

My Own Quotations

The reason and will of mankind can create paradise from rubble, if only it is applied in the spirit of good and love, and conducted in the manner of harmony and honor.

It lies in the power of a person to grasp any situation by the handle and make it manageable.

Cursed be the ancients who coined the words worry and hate, for from those words have come the greater part of our woes.

Ten years we repent of an action we did in a second.

Peace is the reward of innocence.

Time has the final word.

A seed signifies hope, a bud expectation, and a flower fulfillment.

Sometimes it is harder to stand still than it is to walk.

One person is representative of all people.

A friend is someone who has confidence in us even after we seem to have lost confidence in ourself.

Reasonable people are always willing to listen.

Some people are never at home when the heart comes knocking for entrance.

The worst thing in life is the fear of failure.

If we could possess peace everything else would be inconsequential.

Maturity is learning how to lose cheerfully.

Your best friend is the one who will still like you even after you've proved how unlikeable you can be.

Friendship can't be faked, it must be genuine or it inevitably falls through.

The hardest thing to digest is a mistake.

The only wise persons are those oblivious of the fact that they are wise.

The force of good only has power if it is applied.

It is not always enough to mean well.

Happiness is a state of mind.

It is a short voyage across choppy seas from birth to death.

There come a time when a person must stand up for what they think is right regardless the consequences.

Life is the wonder of the universe.

Earthly Gain Is all For Nought

Earthly gain is all for nought,
The things of God cannot be bought.
Our price is but one thing,
That we ourselves bring.

Through storm and trial and snare,
May we still our crosses bear,
'Till we reach that heavenly shore,
And we have our burdens no more.

Our loved ones are waiting there,
In that heavenly realm fair,
To welcome us with open arms,
After we have weathered life's storms.

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