The End Of The Rainbow

At the end of the rainbow,
I have heard it told,
If you unto the end do go,
You will find a pot of gold.

Once when as a small boy,
A rainbow did brightly shine,
I raced up the hill with joy,
Thinking the treasure would be mine.

The rainbow's end seemed just ahead,
Just a little farther on,
Yet on and on the rainbow led,
And then the rainbow was gone.

The night begin to fall,
As I slowly walked back,
Without having found gold at all,
My hope in rainbows I begin to lack.

My faith in rainbows went away,
As I lost something there.
If only rainbows would stay,
And not fade into thin air.

My Own Quotations

There is not always a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. In fact there is not always a rainbow, but it's nice to see one once in a while.

Laughing is contagious, and so is crying.

The largest tree in the forest may be hollow, just as the strongest wind may not bring rain.

Always try to wait a minute, just a minute. It's not too long to wait, and it may keep you from making a grave mistake.

All things have a source, remember that. Water runs from a source, clouds flow from a source. Without a source there can be nothing.

When we are young we tug at life as if to force it along even faster, but when we become older life tugs at us.

In all the world the sun shines brightest where we call home.

Life is constant rushing toward something and away from something.

Failure is not nearly so bad as never trying again.

The worst thing is not our mistakes, but trying to hide them.

Kindness is among the best of gifts.

Even if we are in the right, we must be careful we do not prove it wrongly.

Forgiving makes it seem as if we were never even wronged.

The basis for all learning is the desire to learn.

Our capability is measured by the faith we have in ourself.

Apprehension and regret often needlessly spoil our life.

Each day brings with it a new revelation.

A person who respects himself will never cease to respect others.

Laughter is just as important for the soul as salt in the human diet.

Invaribly our feelings get in the way of our success.

The beneficial power of positive thoughts is beyond estimation.

Happiness in life comes not from surfeiting, but from sipping.

For some even a blessing is an ill.

Some bad with the good makes the good seem more sweet.

A little bit of praise goes a long way.

The forests and fields and hills of green are our everlasting sources of peace and tranquillity.


Words can be very powerful instruments for good or evil. A person needs to exercise care when using either the spoken or the written word. Once a word is used it cannot be taken back.

Because of cruel words many marriages have broken up, and children have been separated from their parents. Because of words spoken in anger siblings have not spoken to one another for years, and good friendships have been severed forever. No, never underestimate the power of words.

It is often those we love most in the world who are the recipients of our most hateful invectives. Afterwards. sometimes many years afterward, the remorse for those uncontrolled hateful outbursts is very great. Once the words are out, we cannot unsay them, cannot take them back, and the damage is sometimes great and irreparable. Often the relationship is never the same again.

Often children in a school or workers on a job make life miserable for someone else. They perhaps do not realize how agonizing and shaming their little jokes or insults are, and how a few little cruel words can drive a person to the brink of despair or violence.

The words of evil leaders and dictators have also spawned wars, and atrocities against peoples and nations. Their words have the power to sway multitudes to go to war and commit horrible war crimes.

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Just as words have the power to cause great harm and evil, they also have the power to cause great good. The Bible says in Proverbs 25:11 "A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver". Words of love, praise, or cheer can help to heal and assuage broken hearts and minds.

The kind and thoughtful can do much good by using the right words, just as the thoughtless and cruel can do much harm by using the wrong words.

How comforting are the words of a loved one or friend in time of grief or illness or in times of great need. Sometimes without those kind words it would be almost impossible to make it through those difficult times. If only we could be so kind and thoughtful with one another all the time, and would measure our words carefully, and use them wisely and for good.

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