Sometimes we live with our loved ones for many years and never really tell them we love and appreciate them. Sometimes we wait too long to communicate our feelings to them, and have deep regrets after their death.

After all we do need communication and meaning between us, for what have we without it? Sometimes the most honest and truest communications are not words, but small actions like smiles, hugs, and the clasp of hands which convey our love, understanding, and caring. When eyes meet or hands clasp they speak a language beyond words.

We often get caught up in our own world and the activities of life and forget or neglect those around us. Our time on this earth is short and our opportunities are brief and limited to let those around us know that they are important to us and that we care about them.


Cruelty is a thing one never hopes to find among civilized beings, yet it is often found in our society. It often rears its ugly head in the most unlikely of persons.

time and again we are appalled to find it in our acquaintances, and even more appalled to find it lurking in ourselves. That cruety is a flagrant violation of all that is decent and right unfortunately apparently does not prohibit people from resorting to it all too often.

The fact that cruelty is an irrational and inhuman act does not seem to deter people from allowing it to reside in their thoughts and in their hearts. If only we could abide by and adhere to the commandment in the Bible to love our neighbor as ourself.

Morning Song

Morning and the birds sing,
Wonder what the day will bring?
Auspicious morning song,
Surely nothing could go wrong.

Got to hope, got to believe,
No more I'm going to grieve,
Going to listen more to birds,
They comfort more than words.

The world is good they say,
Cast your despair away,
See the morning air is clear,
The best of life is near.

Our Earth

We must now cooperate, must work together, all nations, all peoples toward one common goal, survival, survival of our earth as a habitable planet, survival of life of all types, large and small, those living and those yet to be born.

Our little island in space, earth, is not indestructible as we once believed, but is vulnerable just like all of us. We have got to learn about our earth, and be concerned about how we treat it.

We must discover the means of giving back to the earth as much or more than we take away from it. A new outlook is needed, a new way of living, a way of living in harmony with the earth.

For a change rather than concentrating wholly on pleasing ourselves, we are going to have to start pleasing our earth. No more can we afford to take of the precious resources selfishly and indiscriminately, no more dumping into the soil, atmosphere, rivers, and seas substances harmful to life and toxic to our envorinment, no more living just for today and what we can consume, but conserving and planning for the future.


I have been previleged to view
Sights to cheer my heart,
As if sadness I never knew,
As if woe were not of nature a part.

When in my childhood a love did bloom
For the woods around,
A silent, gentle world did loom
When I the beauty of nature found.

Always shy, reserved, and still,
Nature took me in,
In it too a shyness doth fill,
It being always withdrawn from men.

The rash may not intrude there,
Into that hallowed realm so fair.

The Beauty In one Another

What we search for is here and now in one another. It is not tomorrow in some far distant place with someone else the bliss we seek, but here and now in the presence of those most near us.

It is a smile, a handshake, a well wish, it is merely being together and enjoying one another's company that makes life worthwhile. We seek a lifetime for happiness and all we gain is emptiness, when happiness, true happiness was ever so near, and all we had to do was to reach out and grasp it. How blind we are that we cannot see the beauty in one another.

Honoring One Another

All the blessing is in honoring others. By that means we honor ourself. Soon life will be past and our chances for bridging the gap between us and the rest of the world will be at an end.

Our friends may never know us as we are unless we speak and act sincerely, and show them we are in reality a friend. If we have a compliment to give or a token of good-will it would behoove us to do so while the thing is still fresh in our mind, and while we still have the time.

Swiftly go the days, and our opportunities to augment friendships are regretably quite rare. Thus we must not let slip the grand and wonderful chance to reveal our friendship for another, and our chance to honor another.

This Is My Moment

This is my moment. There is in this place, at this time, a link with all things, and with the all-pervading Creative Force. It is here each time I breathe, as I think.

All is known, I am known, the dangling moth caught in a spider web is known, the falling star is known, the crying baby is known. The world, and life, and I with my thoughts are whirled in this point in time.

The strands of being are fastened securely to my heart, and I am not apart, for I am tied in with the whole.

I behold the lovely flower, I feel the wind upon my cheek, I look upon the far horizon and I am. The clouds above, the skyso blue, the birds that sing, all touch my soul and we are one.

I breathe the air, I hear, I feel, and I live. No one has any more than this, their moment in the sun, their moment to look around and enjoy, their moment to be a part of all this. This is my moment.

Kindness Is

Kindness is a word of cheer,
To lend a hand or lend an ear,
Just to let someone know
that you are there,
And that you care.

Kindness is being there when troubles rain
To help allay someone's pain
With a kind word or smile,
A card or a small gift,
Meant to cheer and uplift.

Kindness is being there in time of need,
And showing by word or deed
Your caring and support.
And kindness finally in the end,
Is just being a friend.

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