The New Millennium

I believe there will be many remarkable changes in the coming millennium. There will be many advances as well as challenges. I think there will be a natural progression toward the exploration of outer space as well as the greater exploration of our own earth's ocean depths and inner core.

There will be the development of cleaner and more efficient fuels and forms of energy. There will be great advancements made in the area of medicine and the cure of diseases with a resulting increase in life span. There will be great advances made in the area of technology and artificial intelligence.

But all these advancements and progressions will be contingent upon a stable political and social structure throughout the world and a lack of cataclysmic natural disasters.

Hopefully the world of the future will be inhabited by people who are more caring and tolerant and who have love and compassion for one another, for their fellow creatures, and for their planet.

Our Beautiful World

How the beauty of our world enters into every day of our life, and makes us appreciate living, helps us bear those difficulties we encounter, and gives meaning to our existence.

How enchanting the evening mist settling over a little cove, flowers dancing in the wind, the rustle of the leaves. How inspiring the brisk morning air, the glowing red sky just before sun arises, and the birds just beginning their serenade.

There is always music in the air if one will listen closely, always songs of delight as crickets, katydids and frogs add melody to the summer nights.

And there are many unspoken joys of flowers, and trees, and clinging vines, of drifting clouds and peaceful skies, and of little shady bowers and rivulets. And when all is said and done are not these the true joys of living, these little things that make life worthwhile?

Day and night the beauty of our world is made evident via our eyes and ears and all our senses, made evident in our heart, and we are made more serene, more attuned to what is fair.

How the tranquillity of restful surroundings seems to envelope us and instill in our hearts a part of the beauty and repose which dwells there. The harmony of a lovely scene is sufficient to bring us contentment after a hard day, and to give us once more the zest for living to continue on our way.

If we could always be fortunate enough to view at select times these lovely scenes, and feel that beautiful and happy spirit the countryside inspires we would never despair. How fortunate we are to live in such a beautiful world.

The Destroyers

How often fools step upon flowers,
Or tear down from above stars.
they trample upon beauty,
They stomp upon the fair,
The delicate they destroy,
They damage the very air.

How often the cruel and mean,
Defile and corrupt a beautiful scene.
With their hate they mangle and crush,
They destroy in their selfishness.
With their anger and rage
They turn beauty into ugliness.


How magnificent are flowers,
each a glory all their own,
Each a personification of the divine,
glittering in the morning dew,
Glowing in the noonday sun,
Making the world more beautiful
just by being there.

Enhancing all that is fair,
Contradicting all that is evil,
A simple graceful flower,
A precious bundle of color,
Which glorifies the scene.
And in its brief hour gives joy
To every passing mortal.

The Right Attitude

It is all a matter of attitude. one can do almost anything if they have the right attitude. I suppose it is the difference between the believer and the doubter. The one never despairs, while the other despairs over everything.

The believer expects to win, while the doubter expects to lose. The one is cheerful and hopeful even in hardship and pain, the other sad, downcast even in good fortune. The one the perennial optimist, the other always the pessimist.

The believer finds contentment, while the doubter is discontented and distraught regardless the circumstances. The one is certain and proceeds with confidence, the other constantly unsure and hesitant. The one with purpose, the other purposeless. The one always finding a way, the other forever groping. The one in the light, the other always in the dark.

The right attitude can change a person's life, can change the world. One can do and complete things with the right attitude that they wouldn't even attempt otherwise.

Unfortunately the right attitude seems to be evanescent, here today, gone tomorrow. If only we knew how to create the right attitude, and after we created it could bottle it some way to use later when we needed it. If only we could keep and have the right attitude indefinately how wonderful that would be. I believe our spiritual faith and love for God and our love for others helps us to find and maintain the right attitude.

The right attitude gives beauty and grace to all things in proper proportion, enhances our joys, and helps us accept and maybe even make use of or find something beneficial in those difficult things we could not accept before.

The right attitude helps us to be more understanding of people, and gives us more forbearance, more compassion, and makes us more kindly and friendly. The right attitude helps a person to have more patience and to show more interest in other people and in the world in general, rather than to have annoyance, indifference, and disgust.

Often the difference between success and failure is the right attitude. It seems to be the magic ingredient and formula for success in almost every endeavor in life.

Paradise Lost

Her bright eyes smiled back at me,
And I felt a happiness deep inside.
Near her I wished forever to be,
In her heavenly aura to abide.

She walked with beauty and with grace,
Her voice was like music to my ear,
Joy was given to me by her lovely face,
I was in paradise when she was near.

Her love it was not my fate to win,
I would enjoy such ecstasy never.
Almost I wish that I had never been,
Than that we should never be together.

Sadly it was to be my hapless fate,
To falter before the heavenly state.


Ahchoo, ahchoo, and ahchoo, ahchoo,
Sneeze, sneeze, is all I do.
My head it aches, and my throat is sore,
I've got myself a cold once more.

I can't breathe at all through my nose,
And all the time my nose I blows.
As from my cold the world I see,
It looks a place of misery.

I'm chilled and then I'm hot.
It is another cold I've got.
Just when I feel all right,
Then comes a cold overnight.

I wake up and then I see,
That I am feeling lousy.
In bed then I wish to stay,
And cough and sneeze there all day.

The Imagination

The imagination is immune to control. Prisons seen or unseen cannot fully enclose the eternal imaginative powers.

The imagination goes through walls made of rock, steel, or convention, prejudice, and fear. The imagination is not bound by where we live or who we are. The imagination is always looking beyond the horizon, and entering into new worlds, unknown and unexplored.

The imagination is a shadowy realm whose boundaries reach to the infinite. The imagination goes beyond time and space and is a life unto itself.

The imagination is always there first, as it comes upon the reality before it is a reality, the fact before it is a fact, and beholds the truth before the truth can be known. The imagination reaches and grasps into the unknown with a power all its own.

The imagination is ever in part discontent, ever restless, searching for a land beyond. Imagination never quite reaches the ultimate land or destination it seeks or if it does it instantly seeks another, and thus it never dies. For imagination to reach the ultimate and accept that as all, never to seek another destination beyond the horizon would be the death of imagination.

No, imagination needs to forever reach out and find new lands, new worlds, new destinations, inventions, ideas, and concepts. The imagination needs to be free, and cannot be stifled or quenched. It is the spark of creativity and innovation which has guided humanity since the beginning.

The Imagnation has worlds of untapped resources ever to be found which will release their fresh contents of vigor and beauty always giving variety and wonder to our existence.


A heavenly time is the dawn,
Just before the daylight breaks,
The birds sing sweetest then,
The air breathes freshest then,
And all the world is hope filled,
As dew sparkles on the grass,
As golden beams the eastern sky,
And golden glistens the tree tops.

Wonder of the wondrous world,
Is the dawn time in all its glory,
As all the day light creatures stir
To begin another day's life,
As the brilliant golden sun
Beckons the stars adieu,
And the world good day.

Heavenly Realm

Of fairness manifold,
Our earth has no lack,
Regions of vernal delight,
Charm the eye, soothe the heart,
Bath the soul with visions,
Visions of heavenly beauty,
Beauty too divine for the earthly,

Beauty too ethereal for our reason,
Too delicate for our thoughts,
Too beautiful for man,
And but for a few brief moments
When the weight of earth and living are least,
Do we sense this beautiful realm
Which exists all around.

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