Little Islands

Each of us are little islands separated by a great gulf, and even though we are so near, yet we are so far apart. We are all on a little island to ourself, and we won't let anybody come there. We are separated and we are strangers despite all the words. There exists between us and every other person in the world a great distance and we cannot go to them, and they cannot come to us.

We look into their eyes, but they are an eternity away, behind those eyes, and beyond our observation. We cannot really know what people are thinking, what they feel, or who they are. We cannot penetrate their minds and see the world the way they see it, nor can they know our thoughts. Thus we are lost to one another, and do not really know one another at all.

We are a world full of strangers blindly and desperately trying to get to know one another before we die. However deep down we are fearful of being known by others, fearful of being made vulnerable. Instinctively we seek to conceal from one another our deepest emotions, our secret yearnings, our most horrid fears, and our innermost thoughts, and therefore we remain strangers.

There are things we would tell nobody, and would not even admit to ourselves. We are all individuals and a wall surrounds us. We walk, talk, and live together, but our thoughts are our own, and from birth to death we are alone with our thoughts estranged from the rest of the world.

There is only one thing in the universe that bridges the gap between us, and that is love. That vast and dark chasm which separates us can only be bridged by love. Love alone can bring us together and let us care for one another, and help us to find comfort and peace in the presence of one another. If it were not for love we would all perish in isolation and loneliness on our little islands.


In all the world no creature quite compares with the butterfly. A butterfly is a beautiful living bundle of colors darting overhead, lighting on a flower, and dazzling in the noonday sun. An insect? No, a butterfly is a magical being, a spirit of fancy and fairness from some wonderland.

Butterflies are joyful beings as they go kissing the flowers and dancing in the wind. At the sight of them we feel our childhood wonder once more. That wonder that marvels at the world. So sad that we lose that wonder and awe that we had in tender youth.

Fluttering overhead and bobbing up and down, a multicolored butterfly is an entrancing and awe inspiring sight. Perhaps if we could once again see things as we did as a child we could see the butterfly as the wonderful magical being it is, and for an instant at least be the innocent little child we once were.

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