My Writings (New 22)

Reaching Out With Love

There are many who are in need,
In need of someone with a caring heart,
To help them with love in word or deed.
Come, let us do our part.

Let us reach out with love,
To comfort the victims of life's woe,
For God in His love and compassion above,
Would have us such love and kindness show.

Just a kind word can ease someone's pain,
Just a smile can comfort give,
Worth more than all the wealth we could obtain,
Is a life of showing love for others while we live.

Love And Kindness

If we could only be kind everyday,
And treat others with respect and dignity,
Be kind in the things we do and say,
How much better our world would be.

Incivility can cause much harm,
Rudeness and arrogance tends to alienate,
Angry words and actions create a storm,
But love and kindness prevent anger and hate.

It is better the hand of friendship to extend,
Than the fist of of animosity and ill will,
Only when we are kind will conflicts end,
Only love and kindness will warfare still.

The Curse of Cruelty

The curse of cruelty the generations span,
Unforgotten atrocities molder in the ashes,
And with each renewed violent act the flames fan,
Resulting in unending cruel and bitter clashes.

So it is we reap what we sow,
An act of cruelty never goes away,
Though the deed may have occurred long ago,
The repercussions always come back someday.

The horrid pain inflicted is embedded in time,
And even if hidden and in secret done,
A price must be exacted for the crime,
For cruelty places a curse on everyone.

The Universal Love of God

Listen when all is still,
To the sound of eternity,
It will your soul fill,
And you will find serenity.

Peace whispers from afar,
Softly our soul caressing,
Travelling light years from a star,
And our being gently blessing.

Lift your eyes and look above,
Into the star filled sky,
And feel the universal love,
Enter your soul from on high.

Messages Of Hope

Let us convey messages of hope,
Not the messages of despair,
Let us try to help other people to cope,
And let them know that we care.

Let us dwell upon what is good,
And let peace and happiness abound,
For if we are positive like we should,
Then negative thoughts will not be found.

Sometimes the best thing we can do,
Is just smile and be kind to each other,
Just say that I love and care for you,
And to always be there for one another..

"Thinking Of You"

I was just thinking of you,
Of all the nice things you do,
And hoping everthing is alright,
That your world is happy and bright.

You are a very special person,
Always helpful to everyone,
So kind and thoughtful each day,
In the things you do and say.

For others you are always there,
Ever giving with love and care,
So I just wanted to let you know,
My thoughts are with you as you go.

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