My Writings (New 21)

The Bereavement Journey

Our hearts ache with the sorrow,
As the long night of our grief does begin,
And we dread waking up tomorrow,
Knowing our loved one will not be here again.

We look around the home we shared,
Out at the yard where they once walked,
At the scene at which they once stared
And we remember them as they talked.

Everything seems so changed now,
Our life no longer seems the same,
Their passing has altered the world somehow,
And with their death a sad world it became.


After the death of a loved one,
There is a great hole in our heart;
The clouds darken the sun,
And of the world we no longer feel a part.

We are not whole anymore,
After our loved one is gone away;
The part of us that held together before,
Is now forever from us torn to stay.

We are but an empty shell,
Of the person that once did care;
On the outside we may look well,
But inside we are no longer there.

Nobody Seems To Understand

When our loved one passes away,
Nobody seems to understand,
They don't know what to say,
Maybe it's best they just hold our hand.

Sometimes people laughing we see,
Like everything is the same as before,
When we feel so sad and unhappy,
That our loved is not here anymore.

Others don't seem to notice our pain,
They do not feel our loss so great,
But it better not to complain,
Only those who have suffered loss can relate.

Thoughts Of You

Often my thoughts turn to you,
For comfort from the trials of the day,
For solace when I am blue,
And all my bad thoughts go away.

You always knew the words to speak,
To make me feel better about things,
When my outlook became bleak,
Your kind words lessened life's stings.

But now you are here no more,
And I alone must this life face,
Yet thoughts of you my hopes restore,
And images of you my heart grace.

The Golden Morn

I look forward to that golden morn,
When I see your smiling face,
No more will I feel forlorn,
When we reunite in that heavenly place.

All the tears will be forgotten then,
All the sad and lonely nights,
Will be forgotten when we meet again,
And we are surrounded by the heavenly lights.

Our tears will be tears of joy,
And sadness will no more be so,
But only happiness without alloy,
And peace we will forever know.

On Angel's Wings

Softly and tenderly borne,
From this earthly sphere,
There is no need to mourn,
That our loved ones are no longer here.

For the angels in their flight,
Draw them tenderly to their heart,
Ascending quietly in the night,
To the heavenly realms they depart.

There is no sorrow where they go,
Beyond this world's mortal shore,
So let us not sad thoughts know,
For they are at peace now evermore.

You Are Always With Me

I see you in the morning dew,
As it shines upon the flower,
I see you in the ocean blue,
And in the first faint evening star.

I hear you in the warbler's song,
I sense you in the springtime air,
I know you are with me all day long,
And in the night I know you are there.

Though you are now on another shore,
You are in my thoughts every day,
And even though you are here no more,
Your gentle spirit will never pass away.

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