My Writings (New 23)

Old Age

My sight is growing dim,
My teeth number few,
My outlook is growing grim,
My mood is often blue.

My health problems increase,
As the years go by,
My good days decrease,
As my time draws nigh.

I have more aches and pains,
My hair has turned gray,
My bones ache when it rains,
Old age won't go away.

Carpe Diem

Seize the day before it is gone,
For time is a fleeting thing,
And ever the clock moves on,
And ever the bell does ring.

Rarely opens opportunity's door,
And quickly shut it slams,
Opening never again evermore,
And so our opportunity damns.

Sometimes we only have one shot,
One crack at the wheel of fate,
So make the best of the day we've got,
For tomorrow it may be too late.

First and Last

First is a lark and a holiday,
Last is sad and cannot stay,
First is joyful anticipation,
Last is somber contemplation;

First we think it will never end,
Last with only memories we contend,
First the sunlight is warm and bright,
Last the sun has set for the night;

First we were like a little child,
Last we've grown old and mild,
First our dreams reached the sky,
Last we must prepare to die.

Little Gray Squirrel

I see a little gray squirrel everyday,
In my yard it does eat and play,
Digging for hidden nuts in the snow,
Or under the bird feeders it does go.

It doesn't seem to have a care or worry,
Or to be in any kind of rush or hurry,
Nor does it appear to get upset or mad,
And even during bad weather seems glad.

I guess that I from it could learn,
Not to be so depressed at every turn,
Because the little squirrel out in the cold,
Seems not to fret about life or getting old.

Be My Valentine

Won't you be my Valentine?
And like children, your hand in mine,
We will run and play,
And pass the day away.

Won't you be my Valentine?
And just for today be mine?
Together to walk, laugh, and sing,
And enjoy each and everything.

Won't you be my Valentine?
Then everything would be so fine,
As in quiet communion you and I.
Would watch the clouds go by.

Two Hearts

Two hearts, who in love abide,
Become as one for eternity,
Forever in a heaven reside,
That only those in love can be.

Two hearts, who alone will sigh,
And pine, with sad tears in the night,
But together, their love will never die,
As long as true love is their delight.

Two hearts, who found each other,
Out of all the vast darkness around,
And in their love for one another,
Life's joy and happiness have found.

True Love

True love is sometimes granted,
To mere mortals here below,
If true love to you is bestowed,
Then true happiness you will know.

Some people think it is a myth,
That true love does not exist,
But others true love really do find,
And enjoy the wondrous state of bliss.

There is much I do not understand,
But I do believe in true love,
And that it is a true miracle in life,
Given to people only from above.

In Your Eyes

In your eyes I see,
The depths of eternity,
The beauty of being,
The darkness fleeing;

The wonder of it all,
The teardrops that fall,
The reason to be alive,
The hope on which I thrive;

The light in your eyes,
The joy love implies,
The glory from above,
The essence of all I love.

Soul Mates

In this world of woe and death,
Where no one knows their last breath,
Where pain and sorrow reign,
Can two souls true love attain?

Out of all the multitudes on earth,
Are true soul mates destined at birth?
The chances it seems are quite remote,
And yet soul mates we do often note.

Maybe in the scheme of things it is writ,
That kindred souls should together be knit.
Perhaps there is some divine power ever,
That brings the hearts of soul mates together.

Easter Sunrise

Easter sunrise is so bright,
The glorious end of night,
For our Savior has arisen,
And freed our souls from prison;

Freed from the prison of sin,
Our souls are reborn again,
Freed from the prison of death,
And given new hope and breath;

As the resurrection we celebrate,
We feel the love of Christ so great,
For His Crucifixion was for us all,
And He will hear us when we call.

The Easter Flowers

The tulips, crocuses, and daffodils,
Are blooming in the valleys and hills,
On this beautiful Easter Day,
And have chased all my gloom away.

It's Easter, and the spring is here,
And time for unhappiness to disappear,
Now that the winter chill has gone,
Hope and love for life live on.

The bright, cheerful Easter flowers,
That I fondly gaze upon for hours,
Make me feel so happy and glad,
No more do I feel forlorn and sad.

Jesus Died For Me

Jesus died for me at Calvary,
Upon the cruel cross,
Unworthy though I be.
For me He suffered the pain,
For me He shed his blood,
That eternal life I might gain.

Jesus also died for you,
That you might have life eternal,
And all others who believe too.
Such love Jesus had for us all,
That He suffered the Crucifixion,
So we in prayer may upon Him call.

Jesus died and on the third day,
From death and the sepulchre arose,
That to Salvation we might have a way.
Therefore no condemnation awaits,
Those who in a risen Christ trust,
As they enter the heavenly gates.

Thankful For The Rain

I'm thankful for the rain,
For peace and freedom from pain,
For every blessing here below,
For friends I have come to know.

I'm thankful this morning I awoke,
And the golden pitcher not yet broke,
That the gift of another day is mine,
That I may the path of love define.

I'm thankful for the glowing sun,
And for the race I have already run,
Though I may have faltered now and then,
I'm thankful my part in life has been.

Elm Leaf

Elm Leaf upon the tree,
Wonderfully formed somehow,
From the dust you and me,
And back to dust soon enow.

Our brief time in the sun,
Swayed by the wind and rain,
Will end when our days are done,
As we pass from this earthly plane.

Little leaf, such a delight to view,
Gleaming upon the tree so fine,
I thank God in Heaven for you,
And that this moment was mine.


Behold the leaves multicolored in the October sun,
With every gust of wind the leaves fall like rain,
It is a melancholy time, though not unpleasant,
As the green departs without much pain.

A golden time of the year is the autumn,
As there is the golden grain and sun,
The golden leaves, and the golden flowers,
And golden moments of reflection for everyone.

Soon the music will stop, 'tis autumn now,
There is a frosty chill in the wind, But crickets, tree frogs, and katydids still sing,
Loudly and happily they sing, but soon it will end.

The goldenrods waved at me in the wind,
A whole troupe of them did wave,
And I felt gratitude at that moment,
For the blessings that autumn gave.

The Robins

I see robins in my yard, a cheerful pair,
Though a chill is still in the air.
Spring must surely be near,
Now that the robins are here.

The winter was cold and long,
With blustery bitter winds strong,
And it seemed it would never end,
But the robins bring hope of spring again.

So it is with our trials and woe,
And the hardships each of us know,
That when we think all hope is gone,
God sends robins to help us go on.

Life Is A Riddle

Life is a riddle,
Within a riddle,
Life is a puzzle,
Within a puzzle.

Life is a circle,
Within a circle,
Life is a box,
Within a box.

Life is a being,
Within a being,
Life is a world,
Within a world.

A Tear In The Fabric Of The Universe

There is a tear in the fabric of the universe,
Some people say it has always been there,
I noticed it one day when it was raining.
But there is really no way to compare.

I guess it all depends on one's perception,
To a squirrel an acorn is a boon,
To a rabbit a hole is heaven,
Who knows if the universe is at high noon?

We and the universe are linked by fate,
And while we bask in our hour in the sun,
In our little nook in the scheme of things,
The universe may be almost done.

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