My Writings (New 18)


Creativity is as much a part of our being as the blood that flows in our veins. Most of our waking moments we are engaged in some form of creating. The creativity expressed in someone's occupation or avocation is no less important and worthy of admiration and honor than the creative works of an artist or a writer.

Any work or leisure activity may reflect our creativity. Actually any human endeavor entails some element of creativity. We create by our very thoughts, words, and actions, and the creative process is continuous and unending.

We are happiest when we are in the process of creating. A certain childlike anticipation and enthusiasm takes over us, and even though we might be old in years, we become youthful again in our mind and spirit. In a way creativity is a fountain of youth which inspires and revives even the sick and aged. It is also a wonder cure for depression and apathy.

It think perhaps creativity may be a vital part of our life processes, much like breathing, and that if it doesn't function naturally like it should and was intended to, we may begin to wither away and die.

Star Burst

A star flashing in the night,
Bursting into an array of light,
Ten thousand light years away,
What a spectacular display!

Somewhere ages hence,
Another soul may look thence,
And find within the night sky,
What flashed before my eye.

For what we see in the now,
May be in the future somehow,
And what happened eons past,
Might be in some future world cast.

The Garden at dawn

The garden at dawn,
is enveloped in the mist,
The dew on the flowers,
By the sunlight gently kissed.

The birds joyfully sing,
And freshness is in the air,
The sadness lifts from my heart,
As I bow my head in prayer.

Beauty is all around,
And as I lift my eyes above,
A peacefulness comes over me,
Of the presence of God's love.

The Blackbirds

In the autumn and spring the blackbirds gather in great flocks. Thousands of them flock together filling the sky like a black cloud, and the sound they make flying overhead is eerie and like the roar of an immense wind.

The flock of blackbirds seem to move as of one mind, thousands of them moving as one, changing direction, swooping and swerving in unison, and then suddenly descending and landing all together in a field, a hillside, or a grove of trees. It almost seems supernatural in a way.

After they have alighted in the trees or on the ground, the sound of their chirping is almost deafening. They all mill around with great excitement, and then at the slightest noise or movement of an animal or person which startles them, they all burst into flight as one great cloud again and are gone in an instant.

God Cares

When I am sick and old,
And I am hungry and cold,
When I am in a hospital ill,
Or when a nursing home bed I fill;

When I have no money for heat,
And I have no food to eat,
Or when I may be homeless this day,
And have no place to stay;

When I have no family or friends,
And no one cares when my life ends;
When I am depressed and sad,
And my condition is very bad;

When my life is drear and dark,
And my world is cold and stark;
When I am alone and fearful,
And I tremble, and I'm tearful;

When troubles fall like rain,
And my life is full of pain,
I cry out, "isn't anybody there?"
"Doesn't anybody care?"

I believe God cares for you and I,
Even though dark is the sky,
And we are in our darkest hour,
God will protect us with His love and power.

Our Special Pet Friends

Our Special pet friends,
Who give us so much love,
Who brighten our days,
Are surely gifts from above.

They are always there,
Through good times and bad,
Supportive and caring,
Cheering us when we are sad.

They never say hurtful things,
They are never unkind,
Never treat us unjustly,
Our faults they never mind.

Such special friends are they,
Without malice or animosity,
If only people were more like them,
A kinder world it would be.

The Golden Dawn

It seemed just another day,
As I arose from my bed,
But the view outside took my breath away,
When I looked above my head.

There was a brilliant light,
Radiating from theeastern horizon,
And everything around was so bright,
And glowing from the golden sun.

The great sadness my heart had known,
in the soft golden light was gone,
An before me there like a vision shown,
Was the peace of the golden dawn.

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