My Writings (New 17)

The Nursing Home

My tears flow like rain,
When I think of my mother dear,
If only I had her near,
To take away my pain.

When she was in the nursing home,
It was sad to see her there,
Visiting was more than I could bear,
I so wanted her to come back home.

But she was so ill and weak,
She couldn't come home again,
She was so frail and thin,
And in the end unable to speak.

Within the nursing home door,
It was a world apart,
It nearly broke my heart,
I didn't want to go there anymore.

The people there looked so sad,
The suffering it was so great,
They were in an unfortunate state,
And with my mother there I felt so bad.

But the nursing home nurses were kind,
Treating my mother well each day,
Thus during my mother's stay,
Their kindness did ease my mind.

The Robins

I see a robin in the yard. Spring must be coming soon. Even though there is sometimes still cold weather and some snow on the ground the robins often appear in late winter as harbingers of spring. They are always a welcome sight.

It would really be sad if the robins didn't come back to visit our yards and build their nests in the trees near our home. We would truly miss them if they didn't return each year. They are like old friends who visit every spring to cheer us up.

The robins are friendly birds, and really seem to enjoy being around people and near our homes. I enjoy watching them hop around the yard in search of worms. I also enjoy watching them build their nests in the trees and bushes around myhouse, and then watching them feed the little robins after they have hatched. Later on it is also enjoyable to watch the young robin fledglings as they first attempt to leave the nest and fly.

Yes, I would miss the robins very much if they didn't come back to visit my yard every year. The robins make me feel like everything is still okay with the world everytime I see them.

The Sun

The sun provides us with light and warmth, two necessary ingredients for life. Energy beyond imagination emits from the sun, and makes life here on earth possible. Our planet would be barren, cold, and lifeless were it not for the benevolent sun.

Our very existence depends on the warmth of the sun. As we awake in the morning the bright rays from the sun shine through our window. Those rays reach into every corner and make everything brighter and happier.

In the winter the sun seems so distant, and we are appreciative for even the sparse warmth. Wefind ourselves longing for the sun's nearness again. In the summer the sun is in all its glory, and we bask in its warm glow. Fire, this is the sun's gift to us. Fire is a mystery that consumes and yet creates, that wounds and yet it also heals.

The sun light dispels the darkness, and brings warmth to our world. Light from the sun reaches us and our eyes, those priceless senses, give us an awareness of our world. Without the light from the sun our world would be engulfed eternally in one great night, and beyond our comprehension. The sun gives us morning and the light of day. How thankful we should be that God gave us the sun to light and warm our days.

When The Lilacs Bloom

My mother loved the lilacs,
That bloomed in our yard each year.
Several years now she has been gone,
But when the lilacs bloom she seems near.

I remember how my mother each spring
Used to cut off a sprig of the lilac bloom,
And place it with water in a vase,
giving a wonderful fragrance to our living room.

Another spring has come around,
And soon the lilacs will bloom as before.
When the beautiful lilacs bloom,
I seem to feel my mother's presence more.

The Old Mulberry Tree

I remember the old mulberry tree that stood in our yard when I was a boy at home on our farm. Every summer when the mulberries would ripen the tree was filled with all kinds of pretty birds. They sure loved those mulberries. Sometimes the squrrels would come to eat them also, and at night the raccoons and opossums would come to the mulberry tree as well and dine on the delicious mulberries. Our chickens liked to eat the mulberries that fell from the tree off the ground also.

I would pick the mulberries off the tree and eat them too. They had a sweet taste. Sometimes I would pick enough for my mother to make a pie. It was a wonderful tree. A beloved tree can seem almost a member of thefamily. Especially the trees of our childhood seem to hold fond memories and a special place in our heart.

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