My Writings (New 19)

The Black Of Night

It was the black of night,
In a world of moan,
I cried out in fright,
From my universe alone.

The gorgons hissed at me,
From behind the veil,
My horrors I could not see,
They shrunk beyond the pale.

One more night alone am I,
The darkest night of the year,
This may be the night I die,
The worst of the worst I fear.

The Game Of Life

The game of life I play not so well,
Many errors I make along the way,
I think I will stop and rest a spell,
Maybe play the game another day.

But the clock keeps ticking still,
The game of life has no break,
Playing on even against one's will,
With little chance to right a mistake.

I hope before the game does end,
I can correct what I've done wrong,
And some broken fences mend,
Before I hear the game's final gong.

The Life Force

The essence of the stars,
And of the beautiful flowers,
Which being ignites,
And thought itself lights;

As even in the depths of the sea,
Forms of life come to be,
And like the Phoenix of yore,
Seems to rise evermore;

What is this force so great?
What is this miraculous state,
This spark which life kindles,
But also in an instant dwindles?

Misty Morning

I walked into the misty grove,
The leaves were dripping with the dew,
The birds were singing cheerfully,
On this misty morning bright and new.

Soon I will have to leave,
Misty morningsbright and green,
And the night will soon encompass,
As I go far from this lovely scene.

I am bound for another shore,
Where mornings like this may not appear,
And as I breathe the fresh cool air,
I feel sadness that my time is near.

Though perhaps after the night is over,
A misty morning may await me,
Even more beautiful than this,
And a glorious dawn I will see.

Trust In Jesus

Only Jesus can give such peace,
A peace near divine,
Which comforts my heart,
A heavenly peace is mine.

Dear Jesus, Our Saviour,
He alone salvation can give,
I can but humbly receive,
And my life for Him live.

With joy I praise His name,
No longer do I fear,
But put my trust in Jesus,
And know that He is near.

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