It Is A Beautiful World

It is a beautiful world. This beauty is not just for the eyesight alone, but down deep within everything. This beauty is apparent in the songs of birds, in mothers' loving their young, and in the coolness of evening time. It is physical evidence of the divine that emits beauty to our hearts.

This divinity exists in everything, and is part and parcel of all we know. Our senses are constantly taking in an abundance of beautiful impressions. The world is rich with treasure allright, but not the kind bought and sold.

Beauty is intangible, for it exists in the individual perception. We cannot evoke beauty except through the thought channels. Truly beauty is a thing man cannot get his hands on and hoard, or cannot obtain illicitly.

When our heart ceases to accomodate beauty, all the lovely sights, sounds, and words cannot secure beauty for us. Beauty is a state of mind, and as such knows no boundaries save those we place on it. If we believe all is ugly and cruel everything will seem so,

If we doubt anything is beautiful, then even our senses may not be able to persuade us otherwise. Our instincts told us the world and life was beautiful long before we even knew how to say so ourselves.

Living With people
We are all in this together. Life and death, and pain and woe, happiness and sorrow are things we all have in common. We must share the world, must be willing to give of our time to others, must have understanding, forbearance, and patience to prevent alienation. We must give up some things for the sake of other people.

We must be able to give up our little pleasures and little vices and make it a better world in spite of ourself. No one gains from renunciating people. The day is long when we have no friends. Labor is twice as hard when we have malice in our heart.

We cannot go far and we tire easily when we lack the capacity to love others. Strength lies in compassion. We win the day if we care for others. See where the sunlight falls, it is on the face the person who has love. Only darkness compasses the the one who hates. Beauty is virtue's flower. Happiness is the flower of love. It was true two thousand years ago, and it will be true two thousand years from now.

My Love

If I should ever have the supreme honor and privilege of finding love, I would bring my love the sunshine every morning, and a cup of fairest dew to sup. I would her hair with roses deck and place the moonbeams 'round her neck. I would steal a bit of starlight and place it on her cheek, and catch a golden raindrop and place it in her heart.

I would buy her a rainbow to put over her shoulders, and the blue sky above I would give her for my love. I would sing her love songs in the night, and bring her melody in her dreams.

I would cool her brow with the wind, and whisper I love you in the breeze. I would have the birds to sing for her, and the bells to ring for her. I would have her never know sadness, nor bitterness, nor woe, but ever know of my love. In my arms I would hold her from all the ravages of time.

She would be my pearl, my riches, my love, my life. I would find her eyes ever my joy, and ever look into them with my love. I would touch her as if i were touching something precious, and ever feel that she was something divine, something beyond mere flesh and blood. Oh, if she loved me and I loved her just think how wonderful life would be. I almost believe such a thing could not happen, but if it should I would never again doubt the goodness of life. she would be my goodness forever.

Love Is Its Own Reward

There is only one thing more wonderful than to be loved, and that is to love. Love is its own reward. By loving we save ourselves from the horrors of hate. Imagine how dark the hearts of people would be if there were no love. Take all the love out of the world, and we would not survive the day.

There is so much in opposition to love in the human heart. such things a hate, fear, jealousy, envy, anger, pride, and distrust war against the love in our heart. Love has to be right else nothing is right.

Evil, the darker side of people, seems to dominate the world at times. People often exhibit hostility with their frowns and scowls. People are often gruff and impatient, and we begin to think it may be all a dream, this business about love. We begin to think that maybe love exists only in fairy tales, and not in everyday life in the common workaday world.

At the end of a trying day it is difficult to believe there is any such thing as love, but rather a dog eat dog world. Somehow, someway, however some portion of love enters our heart, someone is kind to us, someone smiles at us and pats us on the back, someone pays us a compliment, someone goes out of their way to help us, and we manage to subdue our despair and believe and hope again.

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