The Virtues


In the light of cardinal virtues
Prudence most fairly doth shine
Being in quality discreet,
The path of reason it pursues
That it might skill and sagacity combine,
Caution is its ever friend
As it with prudence doth blend.


And fortitude stands by to hold back
All enemies of the fair light
With out fear adversity meets,
And of endurance there be no lack
With a firmness standing against the night,
No giving forth under strain,
Nor falling back for fear of pain.


Of all the pure lights of life that fall
Temperance reaches a hand
To hold one in the perfect way,
An ever present guide to all
Of moderation of life and self command
Of the passions and the appetites to still
Under control of a good will.


Justice the shining law of good men,
with integrity to hold,
With rectitude to show the way
Of Right prevail and through it win
A fairness and worthiness more manifold,
And with it ever fair and clear
It does bring righteousness more near.


Of Christian virtues and light most pure
Faith stands out shining afar
With a trust so good though unseen,
A confidence that grows more sure.
No tempest from the storms of evil can jar
The faith in God on high
that right and good shall never die.


And then hope comes forth from despair,
Happiness through promise blooms
With thus a hold on which to lean
The fondest hope can grow more fair,
As on the infinite the hoping now looms
Trust with expectations so
That the mind and soul the truth know.


And now the crowning virtue is love,
More divine than all the rest,
With light more perfect and more clear,
A light more near to God above.
Of all virtues charity is by far best,
For it is the power good
To make men do the things they should.

God, Our Best Friend

He can make the crooked paths straight,
He can cause the storms to abate,
He can create hope from hopeless clay,
And through darkest night show the way.

He can make joy come from sorrow,
He can create a glad tomorrow,
He can create peace for going on,
And be a friend when all are gone.

He can give the weary rest,
He can show the way that is best,
He can create a spirit in man
That will beyond the clouds span.

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