Illuminating The Soul

How can we tell them that maybe their way is not the best, and that to blindly accept conformity and do exactly as others do without question is not really living at all? We must dig into life for ourself even if by so doing we walk contrary to our contemporaries and become somewhat of a pariah.

In the long run it is better to break our own path. We make this trip only once. We owe it to ourselves to investigate life for ourself even if it means we err and get lost occasionally.

In comparison with others our life might appear to be a failure, but maybe our goals are different. Life is a spiritual search for truth and serenity, for the only worthwhile purpose involves spiritual growth and illuminating the soul.


Buttercups are reflections of the sun's glory,
Fairest yellow glistens from their petals,
Profusely splashed against the green of the pasture,
Making the world a brighter place.

When I with woe do pass that way,
My heart revives,
And I feel once more hope of life,
The hope shining in that flower.

Beautiful flower,
How can you know my heart's sorrow,
By what power do you instill such faith,
And make me feel whole again?

Life's trek takes us into dark,
And forlorn paths,
Where all manner of gruesome fears,
Threaten and plague us.

Dear then is sight of such a lovely form,
Professing glory to all who pass by,
And flashing upon our inner heart,
Thoughts of peace and beauty.


Apprehension lives and breeds,
Inside the human mind,
Upon the fears it feeds,
It is beyond any reason known,
For in all one may fear find,
Which reason cannot atone.

A fear of tomorrow,
That something bad will come,
Far greater than sorrow,
An unbearable anxiety,
The dread of doom for some,
A doom one cannot see.

A terrible thing before,
In the future somewhere,
Some evil held in store,
Some unknown power of fate,
A horrible face does wear,
Causing uneasiness great.

Apprehension is a power,
That does joy often mire,
As it takes a firm hold,
The soul itself to enfold.


It seems when we move in certain directions life is more pleasant and rewarding than at other times. Especially when we are kind and do that which is good do we feel at peace. When we act with kindness and unselfishness we are more happy and satisfied, whereas on the other hand when we are unkind and selfish we experience unhappiness and pangs of conscience and guilt.

Why do we not act therefore more unselfishly with more love and compassion for others if it is so rewarding? I think is because sometimes we get on the wrong path. Plainly there are certain avenues in life the following of which yield us greater peace and happiness. I believe these are the paths God would have us follow. Discovering those paths out of all the paths which confront us, is indeed life's most difficult task.

For from correctly choosing the right paths to follow in life comes the fulfillment and harmony we so desperately need. If we choose our paths wisely we eventually find our rightful place in life, the place God has chosen for us.

Death Of A Little Bird

A tiny grey bird,
Lay dead upon the ground,
It's song no more heard,
No more will it make a sound.

I heard the thud in the rain,
Of it's errant flight,
Crashing into my window pane,
Where bits of feathers and blood met my sight.

Now it's lifeless body lay,
Limp and still before me there,
It's little life passed away,
And no one but I to care.

Bridges Of Peace

Let us build bridges of love,
Not barriers of hate,
Let us build bridges of peace,
Before it is too late.

Let us bridge the gap between us,
And find a common ground,
For we are all brothers and sisters,
And our common needs abound.

Let us build bridges of understanding,
Not walls of anger that divide,
But bridges of mercy and compassion,
So that we may all in peace abide.

The Forgotten Ones

We were in prison,
But no one came,
Our former friends,
Had forgotten our name.

We were sick,
And in a hospital bed,
But no one visited,
No words of comfort were said.

We were hungry and cold,
Homeless and on the street,
But no one offered to help,
Or gave us shelter or food to eat.

Let us not forget or turn a blind eye,
Or a deaf ear to those in need,
But remember them in prayer,
And lend them comfort in word and deed.

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