A Toothache

A toothache is really a pain,
It makes one go insane,
To bang one's head against a wall,
Nothing helps at all.

Go away! Go away toothache!
For mercy's sake!
What did I do to deserve you?
Toothache, your making me blue!

I would do almost anything to be free
Of this toothache pain and agony,
And if this toothache does persist,
I may even, heaven forbid, go to a dentist!

The Ferns

A native to our woods, who enjoy the cool shade, are the ferns. The ferns make their home at the feet of the great hardwood trees deriving nourishment from the dead leaves of the oak and hickory, the elm and ash. The ferns find life peaceful and secure protected by the thick overhead canopy of the forest.

The thin spiny fronds of the fern are almost always found in cool, shady spots, and thus we come to acquaint them with coolness and freshness. Ferns live in our mind's eye in the very heart of the deep woods, as they are numerous there where few other plants grow in abundance.

Fern's are simple plants, having no flowers, but they have a delicate almost mystical air about them. They are ancient plants, witness to many changes on earth, while remaining unchanged themselves.

We cannot view or think of the ferns without our thoughts entering the fern's habitat, the cool, shaded, peaceful woods. Thoughts of the ferns provide us with quietude and comfort. It would be a pleasant place to take our rest among the ferns.

We Are Not So Different

I may live in another country,
Your language I may not speak,
My religion or politics may be different,
But happiness and peace we all seek.

I may be disabled and in a wheelchair,
I may a nursing home or hospital room share,
I may be of a different color or culture,
But like you I still eat and breathe the air.

We are not so very much different,
Just because one is rich and another poor,
Or one educated and another is not,
Young or old, we are no less or more.

We all make mistakes, and at times need help,
We all need shelter from the cold and rain.
We all have families, and those we love,
We all feel sorrow, sadness, and pain.


At times we can accept everything, even ourselves, life and even death, as opposed to the times when we are more unaccepting of life and the world. There are days we feel close to all that be, when we feel no hatred, no dislike even for the difficult and unpleasant aspects of life.

There are times that nothing seems alien, and waking or sleeping we feel close to all creation, feel love and awe, and wonderment for people, for the creatures and foliage, for the rocks and waters, and we are happy and accept things as they are.

At such times we admire the sun and stars, the hills and valleys, the sky and fields and woods, are happy just to be here, and have the opportunity to view such sights. Even our ailments, our aches and pains, our bills, the little annoyances of life don't get us down on those good days, but are accepted as a part of life and being alive. At those times of acceptance we also come to accept people more, to have more love and respect for others, and to see their good attributes.

It would be wonderful if we could always have that acceptance of things, and be that hopeful and optimistic, and be less critical, angry, and fearful of life, of the world around us, and of other people.

A breath

Our fragile life is tethered by a breath,
All that separates us from death,
Just a breath away from eternity,
A breath from setting our spirit free.

We are a breath of air from letting go,
Of everything in life we own or know,
A breath from saying goodbye
To our loved ones, and to die.

Kings, presidents, you and I,
The rich, the poor, all must die,
And there is just one tiny breath
Between each of us and death.

Christmas All Year Long

If we could only keep,
Christmas all year long,
How wonderful that would be,
How filled with love and song.

A kinder world would exist,
If Christmas were every day,
Happiness would prevail,
And joy never go away.

Good will and love for all,
And nothing would be wrong,
But peace on the earth,
If Christmas were all year long.

Our Little Furry Friends

Our dear little furry friends,
Are such good friends to us all,
Always such kind companions,
Always coming when we call.

Happiness they add to our lives,
With their gentle, friendly ways,
Making our lives much brighter,
And bringing sunshine to our days.

When we are sad or lonely,
Just having our cat or dog near,
Is a great source of comfort,
In our life on earth here.

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