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RAOK Special Person Award-Received 3-20-02

Thank you so much RAOK Awards Committee for this beautiful "RAOK Special Person" Award. I am very honored and thankful to receive this special award. I appreciate your kind comments also. I am very proud and honored to be a member of such a kind and caring group of people as RAOK, and it is a great honor for me to receive this lovely award from the wonderful RAOK Group and the wonderful members of the RAOK Awards Committee.

I have included below the RAOK Special Person Award notification letter I received from Gramma Nancy the RAOK Awards Leader which included the award along with the kind comments of the Awards Committee members.


Hi Walter!

  I am writing today on behalf of the Random Acts of Kindness Awards Committee to let you know that we have selected you to receive the Random Acts of Kindness Special Person Award.  Congratulations!

  There were several nice things said about you during the committee's discussion regarding this award and we thought you might enjoy reading them:

  "His site, chocked full of loving and emotional poetry, is a grand showing of his person.  He's a very sweet, and gentle man.  Always there for a member with kind words, and sending cards and responding in a fashion that extends his duties as a volunteer of our group.  Constantly giving his time to others, he is really sincere.  Also at his site, he has a wonderful array of family albums and dedications.  Which to me, shows his devotion.  Go visit him, take a look around, and you'll then know just why I nominate him for a Special Person Award!  Nice, caring, man!"

  "Walter is a kind caring Man, he takes a lot of time to send cards and gifts to others and is very thoughtful.  He stays in the background, but his kind deeds are noticed."

  "Walter Westfall is my candidate for our Special Person Award.  Have you been to his site?  It's amazing!  In the time I spent there, I discovered kindness, a cold, depression and hope.  I also found loneliness, animals and a child's laughter all placed on the canvas of one man's lifetime of  feelings.  This is the poetry and readings from the heart of a tender man, a man who cares about love, life, kindness, the earth, our planet and mankind.   "Walter takes committee work seriously and this special man is there first with a greeting card and a signed guestbook for the many committees where he spreads kindness and love.  Walter is a very Special Person."

  "Walter is a very special person and a very special member of RAOK.  He is always there with good wishes and a kind word for everyone.  His poetry and writings are inspirational and a joy to read.  I think Walter would be the perfect recipient of the Special Person Award, because he is :)"

  "He is someone who is always here for the members.  Every holiday or birthday etc he visits as many sites he can and leaves a nice sentiment.  He has been there for everyone since the beginning and never fails to do his part.  I think if I did not see something nice from Walter in my guestbook on any ocassion I would miss him. He is so faithful and is in my opinion a very Special Person."

  "Walter is always ready to help and is involved in committees that makes your special days a little brighter.  His site is full of love and compassion.  I feel Walter is a 'Special Person'."

So... on behalf of the RAOK Group we are very pleased to recognize your random acts of kindness with the Special Person Award (attached)!  Your name has been added to our Award Recipients page at http://www.geocities.com/raokac/recipients.html with a link to your site.  There is a guestbook there as well as links to other award recipients and to the Awards Committee Members' pages.  Congratulations again!!


  The RAOK Group Awards Committee
Aunt Lynnie
Gramma Giraffe
Gramma MiMi
Island Princess
Lady Lisa
Wystful 1

Gramma Nancy
Awards Committee Leader

Random Acts of Kindness: http://theraokgroup.com

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