The Everlasting Urge

It is not enough just to live. We must strive for some ideal. Some everlasting urge keeps us from being quiescent. Some prod older than the mountains spurs us on. Creation is not finished with us. We are needed in the continuous expansion.

So we eat and sleep and occupy ourselves with this or that trifle, yet restlessness stirs within us. There are horizons still to command our view, worlds yet to conquer and stars to follow, hopes to crown and ideas to make bloom, wrongs to right and evils to stamp out, darknesses to be lighted up and societies to perfect.


The birds sing sweetest in the morning. They surely greet the day with exuberance. Perhaps we could take a cue from them. Morning and the sun rises and a new day begins.It is something to sing about.

Our life begins anew every morning, and we are not the same person we were yesterday. Morning gives us another chance as it hands us the keys to another day. Yesterday's mistakes went and washed into an interminable sea, and we will never pass their way again.

This morning is oblivious of yesterday as it is new, fresh, and hopeful. That is what the birds are trying to say. They know the glory of morningtime. Morning is ripe with new opportunities, and anything is possible then.

We die in our sleep a little every night, and every morning we are born again. Morning is an eternal process. All creatures would die of despair if there were no morning, and the world were perpetual day or perpetual night.

Awakening, that is a miracle in itself. Having the gift of another day, a whole new day of our own to live, that is a blessing worth more than all the gold in the world. Morning inspires the birds to sing as they seem aware of how precious life is. We have much to learn from the gentle birds.

Wait For The Dawn

The darkest night will end,
A shattered heart will mend,
And our worst fears will be gone,
Wait for the dawn.

No matter how long the night.
The daylight will be bright,
And our life will go on,
Wait for the dawn.

Give not in to despair,
We can survive if we dare,
To the night be not a pawn,
Wait for the dawn.

And Live Within Our Love

Come with me my darling
In our garden let us sing,
And live within our love.

By the roses around
Let us in our love be found,
And live within our love.

Our hearts were meant to be
Knit together happily,
And live within our love.

Nothing could there be wrong
If together we belong,
And live within our love.

Life would always be bright,
And everything be right,
And live within our love.

The sun would always shine
If I knew that you were mine,
And live within our love.

We could be king and queen,
And rule an empire unseen,
And live within our love.

Come with me to a star,
Be happy every hour,
And live within our love.

Thank you Sylvie for this beautiful graphic for my poem below "Ember Of Hope". You may visit Sylvie's lovely site by clicking on the graphic.

Ember Of Hope

There always glows some ember of hope within, regardless of how desolate and forsaken we feel, that life is good. Our moods rise and fall, and we go down into the darkness only to rise to wonderment and hope again. It seems we no longer aspire, and then almost miraculously new sprouts are put forth.

Something within us refuses to believe that life is futile and nugatory. Nothing is more desturbing than the thought that there is no point or purpose to our lives. We desperately search for some thread with which to tie all our actions together into something meaningful and satisfactory.

All human beings share the need to make life understandable and explainable in regard to their own personal lives. There is an overwhelming need to have meaning and reason to life, to have a code to live by, to have a doctrine or set of principles to believe in, to establish rules of human conduct, and to answer at least some of the fundamental questions as to what an individual's purpose in living should involve. It is a common bond which runs through all of us, this need to understand God's Creation and our role in it.

May We Have The Courage To Hope

When troubles lead us to despair,
And life seems more than we can bear;
When we can no longer cope,
May we have the courage to hope.

When sorrow and woe fall like rain,
And we can hardly stand the pain;
When for some ray of light we grope,
May we have the courage to hope.

When dark depression shrouds our way,
And fears overwhelm us each day;
When happiness seems beyond our scope,
May we have the courage to hope.

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