Weeping In The Shadows

No one heeds the innocent as they cry,
No words of comfort do they hear,
Like outcast lepers they do sigh,
Without a friend or loved one near.

Hardened hearts turn the other way,
No tears of compassion do they shed,
But do their alms of mercy another day,
Unconcerned about the innocent nearly dead.

It seems we have lost our love for one another,
That we no longer feel for those in pain,
And no more do we care for each other,
But care only for selfish pleasure and gain.

The Harbor Lights

Some wayward soul comes this way,
Lost in the darkness far from shore,
The lights may guide him safely to the bay,
And he may wander sad and lonely no more.

Cast a light upon the dark sea,
A lost soul may be wandering there,
And the light of your loving-kindness may see,
And may know that someone for him does care.

Our lives here on this earthly plane,
Were meant to be lived in love and caring,
In helping others and easing pain,
And in giving, ministering, and sharing.

The Tempest

The tempest rages upon the sea,
Caught in the fury are you and me,
Like flotsam tossed here and there,
With nary an anchor or friend to care.

So it seems sometimes in life's trek,
That like in the tempest we are shipwreck,
Cast about helplessly by the furious storm,
Without a kind being to save us from harm.

We think if we can last until the storm subsides,
That perhaps we will find where peace abides,
For it is often after the darkest hour is past,
That the dawn awaits to save us at last.

Light One Small Candle

Behold the desperate throng pass by,
Assailed by the unmerciful foe,
Hear the burdened ones cry,
Who have no safe haven to go.

Outside the portals of grace,
The lost and hopeless wail,
With looks of anguish on their face,
As into despair and darkness they sail.

If only a small candle we light,
In the world of darkness around,
It may save one from the dark night,
And their way to salvation may be found.

You Didn't Know

Yesterday I was feeling low,
But you didn't know,
Your kind words helped me through,
And I no longer feel so blue.

I felt like I had no place to go,
But you didn't know,
Still you made life seem not so bad,
And for that I'm really glad.

Sometimes when the world seems grim,
And our troubles flow over the brim,
Someone's kind words may help us so,
Even though they may never know.

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