Loneliness is the saddest state in life. If I could ask that a prayer be granted for every person on earth, it would be that in their darkest hour of their most dire need, on that dark night or horrible day when they are most fearful and in their greatest agony of body or mind, that they are not alone, but that someone who cares about them and who will comfort them is near.

Loneliness can also eat away at us slowly much like a cancer, until it destroys the core of our being. The enjoyment of life is eroded by loneliness, and our dreams become diminished. We sink into a kind of bleak oblivion. We are not yet dead, but not really alive either. We are just existing.

Sometimes too late we realize the wonder of having friends, what it means to have someone to talk to, what it means to thwart that awful feeling of loneliness by having someone to confide in. It is a blessing to pass the dark and difficult hours with someone dear. It is a curse to spend them frightened and alone crying to ourself.

If you have friends or family nearby to help you in time of need, to confide in and spend blissful hours with, you are most fortunate. Never take them for granted. Your friends and family are the most precious blessings on earth.

Suppertime And Fishing

Sometimes when I am feeling sad and alone and miss my parents a lot, I think back to my childhood. And I can hear from far off the faint sound of my mother calling me for suppertime. Almost like some kind of miracle I am transported back many long years ago to when I was a boy on the farm, and I can see my mother again cooking at the stove and smell the wonderful aroma of our kitchen at suppertime. Little did I know then that many years later that would be among my most precious memories.

Another of my precious memories are the times I spent fishing with my father down at the creek that ran near our house. At those times when the memories come floating back through the mists of time, I can see the cork from my fishing line bobbing in the water and feel the excitement and happiness that only a small boy with his father can feel when he catches a fish.

Have No Fear

Often we falter and often we flail
Beneath the wind and blowing gale.
Life is a hard road to walk upon,
And sometimes hope is almost gone,
Then behold a whisper in our ear,
The words from Jesus, "have no fear",
And we rise again and heed the call,
Proclaiming Jesus and His love for all.

Often the way becomes rough and worn,
Our heart becomes pierced and torn,
And we say I can go on no more,
Lord I am weak and poor,
I can hardly go on this way,
Then we stop and sincerely pray,
And once more do we hear
The words of Jesus, "have no fear".


It is difficult to fathom human life. There are wonderful, difficult, contrary forces at work. Life is simple, complex, impossible, real, and a dream without dimension. Life can be harmonious, discordant, heavenly, and hellish all in one day, in one moment.

Life is deceiving, revealing, confusing, and in certain moments clear beyond the shadow of a doubt. Life can be beautiful, horrible, gentle, and at times more cruel than the human heart can stand.

Life is filled with remorse, happiness, sorrow, and a joy unuttered, inconstant, though eternal. Life can be a burden, a joy, a success, or a waste. Life is disappointing, satisfying, crushing, and in some instances raising one to the highest heights.

Life can bring hope, despair, radiance, and a haze inpenetrable and unyielding. Life is a heartache, a heart-throb, a passion, and an ideal sinking and emerging in the bosom of the deep. Life can be exciting, dull, invigorating, or listless and without purpose.

Life is a war, a race, a trap, a free uninhibited ride through time. Life can be a loss, a gain, a reward, or a persecution. Life is a fall, a step, a jump, a reach unceasing and in every child born anew.

life can be a light, a darkness, a mirror, or a substance without true reflection nor visible illumination, a virtual and complete darkness, taking in but never giving back. Life is strange, familiar, unknown, known, and ever to be known again.

Life can be, and life is unlike anything else that exists, something to be eternally grateful for, a possession for which there can be no duplicate.

Our Friends The Animals

What a wonderful array of animals share our world with us. They are often our best friends. They don't ask for much. They give so much unconditional love and companionship to us.

Our domestic animals and pets are especially important and valuable to us. Pets are wonderful companions. Pets can provide invaluable companionship to children and those who live alone. When we approach our pets they greet us with friendship with their bright and happy eyes. They even seem to possess qualities more excellent than we commonly exhibit. They are loving, have undying loyalty, patience, and forgiveness. They patiently suffer through our bad moods, and always seem to be there to share our good moods.

It would be a cold and empty world if it were without animals. The world would be a lonely place if none of those marvelous, funny, wonderful little creatures existed. Imagine how empty the sky would be without birds, and how desolate the woods would be without its myriad of furry critters.

We are fortunate to share our world with such interesting, and for the most part harmless and gentle beings. They are content with their ever decreasing portion, and rarely encroach upon our domain. The wild animals can get by very well on their own if we have a little tolerance and understanding, and leave them alone and not totally destroy their habitats.

By our very dominance we inherit the resposibility for these lesser, vulnerable fellow creatures. It would be a mark of savagery far worse than any of them ever exhibited were we to annihilate them and cause their extinction.

The following beautiful poem was written by Felecia. Thank you Felecia for permission to place your beautiful poem on my page.

A Child's Laughter

He heard a child's laughter
Across the fields of fresh cut hay.
But, his eyes caught sight of a man at work
On this hot and sultry day.

Then a comely woman did appear
As she rose above the hill
She held flowers in her calloused hands
Caused from long hard work and will.

She approached the man and spoke to him
With a softness of no other.
He kissed her softly and then took his rest.
Ah! The child's father and dear mother.

But the joyful child is where,
As the observer looks around?
Where did the music of youth go,
Was it the just the wind making wishful sound?

Then the observer smiles with gleeful joy
And laughed just as a child may.
For his memories have taken him home again
Where he can run and laugh and play.


Felecia has a wonderful site, and you may read more of her beautiful poetry and prose by visiting her site-Flea's Circus

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