To The Hermit Thrush

Thy fair voice fills the air with song,
With melody clear and strong,
With music the angels would fain hear
it is thy grace to delight my ear.

Thy beautiful voice through God born
Is far beyond pipe or horn,
Is sweeter far than man's highest cord,
Is to my heart life's dearest reward.

An Answer

An answer it seems there ought to be
To life's mystery.
From a hillside looking long
I wonder where I belong.

Just a hint, a sign would comfort give,
A reason to live,
To point me on the way I should go.
That at least a person should know.

The birds are more wise than I,
They know where to fly.
That hawk circling 'bove my head,
Is by some secret compass led.

Even the ant scurring at my feet
Has business to complete,
A creature with a goal in mind,
What I cannot seem to find.

The blades of grass I carelessly trod
Up through the earth prod
With purpose in their tender blade,
Struggling that their goal be made.

A key all Creation seems to own,
by this key have grown,
And have the answer for going on.
Why, my answer alone gone?

Why should I for a reason labor,
When my small neighbor
The little bee at this hour
Has his errand with a flower?


The hills and the trees
Are my fondest memories,
Birds singing and the wind,
All together seem to blend.

Places I often forget,
Events, people I sometimes omit,
For memory's bright eye
Recalls only the blue sky.

The mind saw it all
The grass, the leaves in fall,
And sweet record did impart,
Held forever in the heart.

Strife and turmoil are past,
Only dewdrops seem to last,
And fragrances unknown,
Wonders by the wind blown.

Sorrow, pain, and fear
Pass as quickly as a tear,
While the hillside's cool green
Is an everlasting scene.

The babbling stream,
This is life's eternal dream,
Not chatter in the town,
Such heavenly sound can drown.

Pleasures what are they?
Wealth, power pass away
As if they had never been,
But the sunshine always comes again.

Hear the rain falling,
The many creatures calling?
Precious memories of long ago
In the end are all we know.

How Swiftly Rainbows Pass Away

How Swiftly rainbows pass away,
How brief was our meeting together,
Was but the shadow of a day,
But I will remember forever;

Was so like a springtime shower,
An instant in eternity,
The glimpse of a falling star,
But dear, the joy it gave to me;

Was like a linnet on the wing,
Was like a snowflake from the sky,
Like a far away bell's brief ring,
Like love light in a lover's eye.


How beautiful the evening time
When all the world does rest,
That moment before the stars come out
When serenity abounds,
And earth is heavenlike,
Misty and quiet,
All around under a spell,
As coolness greets the brow,
And tenderness plucks away care,
As joy beyond words,
Calms and adorns the thoughts,
When wonder and awe,
repose in every common thing
Makes the hectic world of moments ago
A place of peace and tranquillity.

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