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Thank you for visiting my Causes Page. These are some of the organizations and causes I support. Please visit their web pages and help support their worthy causes. Thank you very much.

(1) Please visit the website of The American Cancer Society to help support the fight for a cure and treatment of this terrible disease-

The American Cancer Society

(2)Please show your support for all the abused children of the world by visiting this site and putting this "Teardrops For The Children" logo on your site-

(3) Please support "The Mothers Against Drunk Driving" (MADD) by visiting their site to help in prevention of the horrible deaths and injuries caused by drunk drivers-

(4) Please visit "The Humane Society Of The United States", and help in the support for the protection and humane treatment and compassion for animals-

The Humane Society of The United States

(5) Please visit "the Hunger Site", and donate food for free to hungry people in the world-

(6) Please visit this site and help to save the rain forests of the earth-

(7) Please help to sponsor a child at "The Christian Children's Fund" by visiting this site-

The Christian Children's Fund

(8) Please visit and support The World Wildlife Fund's website whose conservation mission is to preserve and protect nature and the biological diversity that we all need to survive-

The World Wildlife Fund

(9) Please support the Candlelight Vigil to raise awareness of the violence against women and those who have been victims of rape and domestic violence.

(10) Please visit Operation Just Cause for information about POW/MIA causes and adopting a POW/MIA.

Operation Just Cause

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