Everyone Is Special

Everyone is special in their own way,
Everyone has something important to say,
Everyone has a special light shining bright,
Everyone is a unique star beaming in the night;

Everyone has their own song to sing,
Everyone is talented and gifted at something,
Everyone has their own unique qualities,
Everyone has their own special abilities;

Everyone is a pearl of great price,
Everyone is a bird of paradise,
Everyone with hope and love doth trod,
Everyone is a special person to God.

The Life Force

The essence of stars,
And of beautiful flowers,
That which being ignites,
And thought itself lights;

Even in the depths of the sea,
Forms of life come to be,
And like the phoenix of yore,
Seems to rise evermore;

What is this force so great,
What is this miraculous state,
That spark which life kindles,
And which in an instant dwindles?


When life hands some people lemons,
They make it into lemonade,
They don't let life get them down,
And of life's worst they are unafraid;

To them the glass is always half full,
They always look on the bright side,
They never dwell on past misfortune,
But always with hope in the future abide;

They have their share of problems and woes,
They are no different than you or I,
But their cheerful optimism prevails,
When we would tend to despair and cry.

Trick Or Treating

A trick or treating we will go,
What we'll get we don't know,
Hopefully there will be lots of sweets,
And we will get a bag full of treats.

Little ghosts and goblins are we,
So filled with happiness and glee,
A trick or treating down the street,
Saying boo to everyone we meet.

It is that wonderful time of year,
That children and grownups hold dear,
When colorful costumed tykes are seen;
It is that spooktacular holiday, Halloween!

Christmas Love And Peace

May Christmas love and peace abound,
May hope and joy reside in every heart,
May peace on earth be found,
And may each of us do our part;

May the spirit of Christmas live,
In our hearts the whole year through,
And may we continue gifts to give,
And our love share, and kind deeds do;

As we celebrate our Saviour's birth,
May we lift our thoughts above,
May we pray for peace on earth,
And may we all kneel in prayer and love.

(Christmas Morning)

Christmas morning is like no other,
There is such love for one another,
Good will and happiness is all around,
And no hint of malice is to be found.

Children unwrap their gifts around the tree,
Their eyes are filled with happiness and glee,
The wonder and beauty of the sight,
Makes our hearts sing with delight.

Such wondrous sights, sounds, and smells,
That every eye misty with a tear wells,
And fond Christmas memories recall,
For Christmas morning is a joy for all.


Thanksgiving is a time to be glad,
And be thankful for our many blessings.
It is a time to reflect on the life we've had,
And pray as we eat our turkey and dressing.

It is a time for families to come together,
And renew the bonds of family love,
A time to draw closer to one another,
And to give praise to God above.

Thanksgiving is the one time of year,
When we can stop and be at peace,
When hearts in common may find cheer,
And words of thankfulness may release.

Let Us Give Thanks

Let us give thanks,
For this day,
For this moment in time,
For the miracle of life;

Let us give thanks,
For family and friends,
For each act of kindness,
For love we've been shown;

Let us give thanks,
For shelter and food,
For the health we enjoy,
For the beauty around us.

Chance Or Fate

Is it chance or fate,
That governs our life's state?
When all is said and done,
And when the race is run,
Who is to say what prevailed,
What determined we won or failed?

Perhaps it is a roll of the dice,
Or some other fated device,
One person goes to Yale,
Another person goes to jail,
One person becomes a monk,
Another person is a drunk.

Maybe it is all up in the air,
And happiness or despair,
Success and failure too,
Are decided by me and you,
By our attitude and thought,
Our life may be wrought.

Jack O' Lantern

Jack O' Lantern in the window,
How brightly your eyes do glow.
On this the night of Halloween,
How warm your smile does seem.

Jack O' Lantern you are a friend,
Who kindly smiles without end,
You are so radiant in the night,
Everyone is enchanted by your light.

Jack O' Lantern won't you stay?
Why must you always go away?
It would be good if you could last,
And glow on after Halloween is past.

In Your Eyes

In your eyes I see,
The depths of eternity,
The happiness of being,
The darkness fleeing;

The wonder of it all,
The raindrops that fall,
The reason to be alive,
The hope on which I thrive;

The sun in the sky,
The birds that fly,
The glory from above,
The essence of all I love.

Soul Essence

Blue waves in balmy seas,
The scent of morning evermore,
The waft of lilacs in the breeze,
The white sands upon the shore;

The distant sunset's warm glow,
The manatee basking in a cove,
The tide's rythmic ebb and flow,
The birds flocking in a drove;

The silver moon in the night,
The stars flickering array,
The golden dawn's first light,
The faint breath passing away.

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