My Attempt At Poetry-Three

The Leaves

The leaves in time fall.
The leaves of Spring
I love to see.
The leaves of fall
Some sadness bring,
but beauty
Exists even then.
Life they portray
true to form
Of that of men;
Pass, pass away,
Blown by the storm.


In His Word do I find
There is peace for my mind.
Dear Lord what would I do
In this life without you?

How could I ever live
Without the hope you give?
You do my life restore.
You are my only door.

I find in you the joy,
The love without alloy.
You are the only One,
You are God's only Son.

In life I know you are there.
Dear Lord I know you care.
There is no one but you
To take my troubles to.

Near To God

Near me there the stream it flowed,
And nearer still the wind it blowed,
And song I heard like never heard,
The gentle song, the song of the bird.

The mountain so tall it stood,
And all about was covered with wood.
so pure and sweet was the air
That swirled and passed round me there.

The woodland friends came to me,
And the forest creatures I could see.
A place so fine I nought would leave.
A place near to God I believe.

Microscopic Worlds

Below the surface view
Into the world of a drop of dew,
Inside a living cell
Of the wonders no person can tell;

Within a speck of light,
Into the realms beyond sight,
The gracious beauty there
In worlds smaller than a hair.

A New Day

Awake! Awake! The songbird does sing.
Arise! Arise! The breeze does blow.
Sweet tidings the sunshine does bring
As my bedroom wall does glow.

Morning and I'm alive this day.
Morning and I may rise again.
Another day to work and play,
Another living day among men,

With all the hope and joy that can come,
All the sights and sounds I may hear.
The gift of a new day comes from
The God I love and revere.

I Love The Lord

My heart does cry aloud,
Gone from me is the cloud,
And freely do I sing,
In my heart the joy does ring.

I am saved from sin
I sing again and again.
Let everyone know
That I love my Lord so;

That in Him I am free,
That in Him is victory.
Dear the love that He has shown,
Dear the peace that I have known.


Jewels sparkling, shining bright,
Blurry visions impair the sight;
Teardrops falling down the cheek,
What the tongue cannot speak:

Nectar from the cup of life
Full to the brim of love or strife,
Which seeps both bitter and sweet,
To crown joy or drown defeat;

In happiness warm and fair,
A blessing to know they are there;
While in sorrow damp and cold,
From agony to unfold;

Beauty through their sparkling sheen
When from joyous eyes they are seen;
From sad eyes all is dreary,
Teardrops making life bleary;

Teardrops of despair and woe
Over the wounds do ebb and flow,
healing the pain in their way,
A balm in their soothing spray;

An essence of life they are,
An almost heavenly shower.
Falling as they ever will
In moments of good and ill.

A Child's Prayer

Childlike she spoke,
Simple enough were her words,
But she through the clouds broke
With sweeter music than birds.

Heaven above
At her words must surely smile,
Her heart so full of love
Dwells with angels for a while.

Wisdom so clear
Comes from her lips so tender.
Unto her God is near,
He all His love does lend her.

With Feeble Words

With feeble words I do speak.
And though my words and I are weak,
Dear God I speak with all my heart
What feeble praise I may impart.

You dwell near and hear me call,
You are my God, my friend, my all;
You hallow my days with your love,
And give what is good from above.

The worst in me You forgive,
And give me new chances while I live.
You know all my thoughts, all I do,
You know what is false, what is true.

You control every hour,
My life, my soul are in Your power.
Mornings, You awake me with light,
And give me peace to sleep at night.

The Cheerful Person

She always wore a smile,
Her eyes were always bright,
She was happy all the while,
She made everything seem all right,
She was cheerful as could be,
A happy person was she.

The sun did always shine
When she would come around.
She made everything fine,
For she no bad things ever found.
Everything that was near
Did give unto her cheer.

To her with each new day
She expected ever
That some good would come her way,
And she was discouraged never,
But hope she carried in her heart,
And it never did depart.

The Compassionate Man

To others belonged his heart,
He gave them every part.
He was not a selfish man,
Not his own willful way ran;

But he saw the need of others,
He had love for his brothers,
He had pity for the poor,
He wished others had more;

He felt the pain the sick did bear,
It was in his heart to care;
For the suffering he did feel,
He understood their ordeal;

He helped whereever he could,
He was always doing good,
He helped everyone,
Was uncaring unto none;

He comforted with Christian love,
Self desire he was above,
He helped all those in need,
The poor and hungry he did feed;

Unto the needy he did go,
Did cry at another's woe,
Ever in his heart did hold
A love for others untold.

Memories Of Our Loved Ones

In thinking on the past
Memories of our loved ones do last,
One forgets enemies,
Embarrassments fade away,
Forgotten are miseries,
But memories of those we love do stay;

Fear one may not recall,
Not remember at all,
Hatred forgotten be,
Sickness may not be thought of,
All thoughts of mistakes may flee,
But one recalls those they love;

One may forget the cold,
forget much growing old,
forget the burning sun,
Forget the storms passed by,
Forget those things left undone,
But memories of those we loved never die;

The mind forgets the bad
Hides away all things sad,
The tears of long ago
Are forgotten in the mind;
Much one may cease to know
But memories of our loved ones ever find.

A Beautiful Sunset

At the end of a difficult day,
A beautiful sunset we see,
Suddenly our cares go away,
And somehow we feel happy.

A sunset is a blessed event,
At the close of day we find,
Seemingly from heaven sent,
To bring peace to our mind.

A sunset has a special power,
To take us to a tranquil place,
Where our troubles seem to expire,
As we the lovely sunset embrace.

A Bluebird

The first bluebird of spring,
Is an auspicious thing,
An omen from above,
A symbol of God's love.

Sometimes when we feel sad,
Or things are kind of going bad,
The bluebird's arrival each year,
Brings us a little bit of cheer.

When our outlook is a bit bleak,
And some optimism we seek,
Suddenly a blue bird we see,
And it makes us feel happy.

The Sunshine

The flowers love the sunshine,
And the birds love it too,
It ripens the fruit on the vine,
And revitalizes everything anew.

It awakens us each day,
And casts away the night,
For the darkness cannot stay,
When the sun is shining bright.

So it is with the life we live,
when somber thoughts appear,
Then comes the sunlight to give,
A glow of warmth to cheer.

The Bees

In our world the tiny bee,
Is a vital friend to you and me,
For without the bees our food supply,
Would all wither away and die.

The bees go from flower to flower,
And our survival is in their power,
As they pollinate and restore,
Fruit and plant life forevermore.

Bees are a blessing sent,
For our benefit they are meant,
Working tirelessly each day,
May they never go away.

An Owl

It was a cold winter night,
The moon was shining bright,
Reflecting off the snow,
With a cold soft glow.

In the distance I could hear,
An owl hoot loud and clear,
The sound echoed through the trees,
And resounded in the breeze.

A fellow creature wild and free,
Was communicating to me,
And less alone I felt now,
At peace and comforted somehow.

The Opossum

A creature of the night,
Usually stays out of sight,
Almost never seen by some,
Is the unobtrusive opossum.

It has a knack for playing dead,
The young in a pouch are fed,
Feeds on scraps here and there,
Eats almost any food anywhere.

It has survived since antiquity,
And still lives wild and free,
In the modern world of today,
In its own unique opossum way.


No flowers, no bees,
No leaves on the trees,
No beautiful butterflies,
Just cold winds, and gray skies.

No gardens, no warm sun,
No berries for anyone,
No fruit on trees or vines,
But bitter cold weather signs.

No vibrant colors, no green.
Only muted grayish tints seen,
As November has come again,
Hope for spring must begin.

(511) The Chipmunk

A little chipmunk I see,
In the yard running around,
So happy and free,
Running across the ground.

Such optimism it shows,
Such a carefree way,
Like no sadness it knows,
Just to frolic and play.

Great to be like it there,
Happy as the chipmunk appears,
To be without a care,
To have no worries or fears.

(512) The Little Mole

Little mole in the ground,
Digging tunnels all around,
You seldom see the sun,
You don't seem to have much fun.

But maybe you like it down there,
Maybe you don't care,
Digging around in the dark,
Maybe to you it's a lark.

All the bad things up here,
You don't have to fear,
In your tunnel digging away,
May be a good place to stay.

Sing Little Cricket, Sing

Sing little cricket, sing!
Your chirping sure does ring.
You a lot of happiness bring,
As you welcome in the spring.

I miss your chirping all winter long,
It's sad without your song,
I'm glad when spring comes around,
And once again I hear your sound.

It's lonely when you're not here,
In the night to bring cheer,
In winter it's so cold and still,
In the grip of the wintry chill.

The Frosty Morning

It was a frosty morning,
The sun was shining bright,
The air was cool and crisp,
After the chilly night.

No doubt summer was gone,
And the cold was here to stay,
The flowers were all dead,
The bees and butterflies gone away.

But the birds were still here,
And the blue sky serene,
The trees and grass were agleam,
Amid the splendor of the frosty scene.

The Snow

The snow fell in the night,
And a new world on every hand,
Appeared in the morning light,
Forming a beautiful wonderland.

A snowy landscape everywhere,
As far as the eye could see,
And a freshness in the air,
In a scene of tranquil beauty.

The sunlight glistened off the snow,
On a limb a cardinal sang sublime,
And all around the heavenly glow,
Of a magical moment in time.

The Stream of Life

Life is like a flowing stream,
In an unending dream,
Past memories ebb and flow,
As the waters of life past us go.

Eddies form from day to day,
As life unfolds along the way,
Amid the rocks the waters swirl,
As the stream of life does unfurl.

Looking back in time we see,
Memories until the present be,
How swiftly time does fly,
As the stream of life goes by.

Otter Creek

I was born near Otter Creek,
Where my parents and I used to go,
To fish and have picnics sometimes,
As near our farm it used to flow.

As I remember back to my youth,
I have happy memories of the stream,
And time I spent with my parents there,
Though so long ago it does now seem.

My parents are passed away now,
And I wish I could go just once more,
Back there on Otter Creek again,
Fishing with my parents like before.

The Meteorite

There was a meteorite on our farm,
I remember up the hollow it lay,
A large round reddish colored rock,
And as a child around it used to play.

I seemed to sense an aura about it,
Some kind of mystical presence,
And sometimes I would at it stare,
Imaging how it traveled from a star.

It lay alone in a wooded area,
Like an entity unto itself it dwelt,
And sometimes when I was there,
Near it a sense of peace I felt.

Fieldon Hollow

I remember Fieldon Hollow well,
As our farm was just across the ridge,
Down past the rock quarry,
Just before Otter Creek bridge.

A winding road south of Fieldon, Illinois,
My parents and I would often follow,
And in my memory it was a good feeling,
Coming home down Fieldon Hollow.

As time has passed and I've grown older,
My memories are somewhat less clear,
But Fieldon Hollow is still etched there,
As a pleasant memory I hold dear.

The Nutwood Church

I fondly remember the Nutwood Church,
That my parents and I attended years ago,
Located in the small town of Nutwood, Illinois,
Near where the Illinois River waters flow.

My mother especially loved the church,
And to sing the gospel hymns and pray,
She was a kind and caring person,
Who prayed and read the Bible every day.

I remember with fondness the congregation,
Who attended the church way back then,
As they all seemed a part of my family,
And I wish could go back there in time again.

The Union Forest Church

I remember as a boy I attended,
A church with hills and trees all around,
A true country church near Otterville, Illinois,
The Union Forest Church was hallowed ground.

The sound of gospel music could be heard,
Throughout the hills and hollows nearby,
A cathedral in the woods it was,
Beneath the stars and the bright blue sky.

In my memory back once again I return,
To that place of worship and love,
Where the presence of God seemed near,
And heavenly peace descended from above.

The River Town

I remember from my youth,
A true river town nearby,
The town of Grafton, Illinois,
A beautiful river view for the eye.

Located at the confluence of two rivers,
The Illinois River and the mighty Mississippi,
Grafton is the most unique of towns,
A place of wonderful scenic beauty.

Grafton has the river on one side,
And on the other side bluffs and trees,
It was a fascinating place to visit,
That will always live in my memories.

The Piasa Bird

The legendary Piasa Bird mural,
Depicts a Native American dragon,
On the bluffs along the Mississippi River,
Near Alton, Illinois it is painted on.

When I first saw it as a child,
Viewing it struck fear in my heart,
It appeared such a fearsome creature,
Though it was a beautiful work of art.

The mythical creature was much feared,
And said to be a devourer of men,
That ages ago inhabited the area,
Hopefully it doesn't return once again.

The Jersey County Courthouse

I remember as a small boy,
Viewing with awe at the architecture,
Of the Jersey County, Illinois courthouse,
A beautiful and majestic structure.

Designed in the Romanesque style,
With a tall octagonal cupola atop all,
Terminal towers at the front corners,
And a raised front porch stone wall.

It looked to me like a European castle,
That I had seen in books before,
And every time I went to town,
I looked forward to seeing it once more.

The Carrollton Sale Barn

I will never forget as a small boy,
Of going with my father years ago,
To the Carrollton, Illinois Sale Barn,
And the excitement I was to know.

There was a menagerie of animals,
And it was like heaven for me,
The pigs and cows and horses,
And outside small animals to see.

Outside also were other farm products,
Machinery, hay, and furniture sold,
And in my memory it was a wonderland,
A place of happy memories untold.

The Christmas Tree

What a joy for all to see,
The beautiful Christmas tree,
Decorated with love and care,
To provide a happy festive air.

All the family gathers around,
And all the presents are found,
At the Christmas tree each year,
As it is a place of holiday cheer.

The Christmas tree is a traditional lore,
That all the family does adore,
For happy memories there are made,
That time and age cannot fade.

The Icicles

Icicles hanging from the eaves,
Sparkling radiant in the sunlight,
Forming drip by drip over time,
Like gem stones gleaming bright.

In the moonlight a silvery glow,
In formations of glittering array,
Like stalactites hanging in a cave,
Creating a spectacular display.

The icicles around our homes,
Are crystal clear and pristine,
From freezing and thawing of snow,
Forming a beautiful winter scene.

The Aurora Borealis

The beautiful Aurora Borealis,
A spectacular phenomenon in the night,
As the night sky explodes,
With a dazzling display of light.

We are blessed on earth to view,
Sights to brighten and cheer our heart,
Which help us to cope with life,
And the problems which are our part.

Viewing northern lights in the sky,
And other natural wonders that display,
We find the beauty and grandeur there,
Uplifts our spirit as we go along our way.

The Old Oak Tree

In my yard grows an old oak tree,
Probably a hundred years old or more,
With huge limbs that cover my house,
And it stands right outside my front door.

In summer it provides welcome shade,
And in autumn the leaves are bright red,
It shields my house from the blustery wind,
And from the hot summer sun overhead.

In springtime the green leaves sprout,
And on the limbs the birds perch and sing,
And each day as I awaken and see it there,
A feeling of peace and comfort it does bring.

The Little Chickadee

Upon a tree limb near me,
Sits a small bird called a chickadee,
A friendly little bird often near,
Around my home all seasons here.

They often visit the bird feeders nearby,
Or as I walk in the yard overhead fly,
And they often sit on a limb and sing,
A little song that cheerfully does ring.

Even in cold weather they stay around,
An uplifting sight with snow on the ground,
And sometimes when I feel down or sad,
I see a chickadee and it makes me glad.

Everyday Is A Blessing

I'm thankful for every blessing here below,
For friends I have come to know,
For peace and freedom from pain,
And I'm thankful for the blessed rain.

I'm thankful this morning I awoke once more,
And for the birds singing outside my door,
That the gift of another day is mine,
And that I may still my path in life define.

I'm thankful for the glowing sun,
And for the race I have already run,
Though I may have faltered now and then,
I'm thankful for the blessings that have been.

Full Moon Shining Down

Full moon shining down,
Illuminating all around,
Casting a soft silvery glow,
On everything below.

Like a vision in a dream,
So unreal it does seem,
Like viewing a fantasy land,
All about on every hand.

The view calms the mind,
A sense of peace we find,
In the heavenly scene,
So beautiful and serene.

The Grand Canyon

Natural wonders such as the Grand Canyon,
Enthrall and awe us with their beauty,
All around us in our spectacular world,
And we are inspired by all that we see.

How fortunate we are to live on earth,
As a part of such grand wonders here,
And to be aware of our existence,
Amidst these magnificent vistas so dear.

Sometimes life can be very difficult,
And we become weary and depressed,
But viewing scenes so beautiful and awesome,
Helps us despite our troubles feel blessed.

The Rocky Mountains

Of the wonders of the world,
The Rocky Mountains rank high,
Towering snow packed peaks,
Reaching far into the sky.

They are an awe inspiring view,
And a fantasy land they seem,
Of grand majestic splendor,
Portraying an artist's lovely dream.

They uplift the human spirit,
And our horizons expand,
Beyond our everyday life,
Unto a beautiful wonderland.

The Redwood Forest

The beautiful redwood forest,
Of two thousand year old trees,
That tower into the sky,
And sway in the breeze.

The magnificent redwood forest,
Of trees that spanned the ages,
Gigantic in size and height,
A masterpiece on earth's stage.

The spectacular redwood forest,
Is an awesome source of delight,
Truly a wonder of the earth,
An uplifting inspirational sight.

The Storms Of Life

The storm is near,
A powerful force,
Dark clouds appear,
As it sets its course.

The lightening flashes,
The thunder roars,
The atmosphere clashes,
Wind blows and rain pours.

In our life we find,
Storms come and go,
For our peace of mind,
Comfort in our faith we know.

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