My Writings (New 9)

A Being of the Moment

Somewhere amidst this light and dark we exist in the region of sunshine and shadow, a being of the moment. We are an entity in our true essence without form or place. For now we are suspended in this moment riding the crest of the wave in time.

We are neither here nor there, but we are everywhere a being of the moment in the universe. Only in rare moments when a beautiful musical composition frees us, or the words of a lovely poem, or the beauty of a natural setting elevates us, or we are permitted to glimpse the beautiful soul of another, only then are the scales ever so briefly lifted from our perception and we see who we really are.

A Blank Piece of Paper

I never see a blank piece of paper, but I feel the urge to fill it with thought. There I say, "is a place to put something of myself." Wherever there is a blank piece of paper there is a chance to convey my thoughts upon it, to preserve as it were, my thoughts of this moment, my thoughts at this time, in this place.

Paper, from the ancient scrolls, unto our super abundance of paper in this day, have preserved the thoughts of mankind. Each person has something to say, and only they can say it, and it needs to be said, and the world will be better for it. Each person has their own unique perspective on the world, and insights that only they have. If they fail to share what they have to give, then we are all less for it.

No one else quite sees the world the way I do, or the way you do. That's what makes life so wonderful, the uniqueness of each individual, and the value of that unique view of things enriching the world with variety and freshness. Though we all share many things in common, we all also have our own individual special outlook on things. A blank piece of paper can be filled with that which conveys to the world who we truly are, and the light which is ours to shine on life.

A Perfect Day

I have never done all the things
I wanted to do,
Nor done them the way
I wanted to.

It would be nice to live
A perfect day,
And to do everything
In a perfect way.

But I quess that will
Never, never be,
Because there will
Never be a perfect me.

The Sin of Idleness

To be useful is an achievement, but to be useless is a waste. Idleness is refusing the opportunities and challenges of life. It is in effect refusing life, a denial of life and all the hope it engenders.

I have squandered time in a horde of aimless ways. I have sat and watched the hours drift by, and not only watched, but hoped they would go faster. How many countless mornings I have awakened with no set purpose for the day. How many yesterdays have gone by without my caring, almost without my notice.

How many monotonous days have I wasted, because I could not think of anything worth doing, or because I didn't have the zeal or courage to do anything worthwhile. There are undertakings for which a person should be justly condemned, but I wonder what the condemnation should be for no undertaking at all?

Idleness is a waste of the precious time we have here on earth, and just as destructive to an individual as a fatal disease can be. It robs one of a sense of purpose and a reason for living. It robs one of the wonder and joy of life.

The Days Tiptoe On By

The days tiptoe on by,
And the years parade past
All too quickly.
Was it a year ago?
No, ten, twenty, I sat and dreamed
Of wondrous things.

It was warm,
the month of May,
The flowers were in bloom,
The birds were singing,
And I was happy
As the world around me.

Time, the thief of youth,
And of dreams,
That stealthily snatches away,
Happiness and tenderness
From our midst
While we are enwrapped
In blind reverie.

While in our mind
We weave a garland of flowers
For some envisioned Utopia of tomorrow,
A lifetime of todays
File by in silent procession,
Leaving us bereft.

Split Second Decisions

It is the split second decisions that sometimes kill us. There we are, our mind miles away, and bang, a choice to make, and almost no time to think about it or weigh the matter. Then it is we truly find out our fiber. Then it is that we are most vernerable and our weaknesses glare forth.

All may have been fine moments before. We may have been on top of the world, but in an instant our world can change forever, because of a bad split second decision. An instant of indecisiveness or gross error in judgement can turn our world for the worse.

There are times we are never more blatantly wrong in our life, than when a split second decision is required, and we are caught hopelessly off guard. Things have a way of happening in life suddenly and without warning, things that we have not prepared for, and that we never thought would happen to us. Often when these unforeseen events happen to us, and a split second crucial decision is required that may have critical everlasting consequences on our life or the lives of others, we are ill prepared.

Yet, surprisingly, many of our split second decisions are wise ones, while ironically those decisions we mull over for long periods of time are not always good decisions. I think perhaps split second decisions come from the very core of our being and who we are. If we have within us a deep and abiding faith, and a basic strength of character with a desire to do what is right and good, then I think most of our split second decisions will be the right decisions. It also doesn't hurt to have good fortune or a guardian angel on our side as well.

Wednesday's Child

Wednesday's child is full of woe,
And does much sorrow know.
Wednesday's child has a life,
That is filled with much strife.

For Wednesday's child all the while,
The world is full of bitter bile,
And unhappiness all life long,
With sadness as life's only song.

So while others may laugh and sing,
And find happiness in most everything,
And run all about and games play,
They were not born on a Wednesday.

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