My Writings (New 5)

Death Of A little Calf

One day along a pasture path,
I moved lightly along,
A mother and her calf I herded,
Singing a happy song.

The sky was blue and spring was nigh,
And life appeared so fair,
The calf followed mother gently,
Seeming without a care.

When up a small rise we three walked,
The small calf did stagger some,
The mother turned and beckoned,
The calf to onward come.

The little one was breathing hard,
From there it could not go on,
Suddenly it fell upon the ground,
Its strength was all gone.

Upon the ground it fought for breath,
Andkicked with all its might,
Mother cow looked in desperation,
It was a sad sight.

At last the calf could heave no more,
And did quiver with a sigh,
Did kick and roll on down the hill,
And before me there did die.

Now, many years have past,
Since that sad day in May,
When I walked that pasture path,
And the little calf died that day.

Caring For Others

We must be aware and care about the needs and the suffering of others. I mean if we are not aware and do not care then there is something wrong. Humane beings must help bear the burdens of others. Imagine how wonderful the world could be if each person looked upon another person's troubles as their own, and sought with all their strength and ability to help another.

If we are fortunate enough to have food, shelter, health, friends, and family then we should be very thankful and thank our blessings. Perhaps if we are so blessed we donot see the need to help those who are destitute and bereft of those blessings we enjoy. But I grant you if we were on the other side of the fence and were destitute and without food, shelter, health, friends, family, or anyone who cared about us, then we would understand the need to help those less fortunate.

Great love is needed in this world of ours to avert the many tragedies certain to occur without it. People must care for other people.

A Peaceful Valley

In a valley I should choose to live,
A peaceful valley green and low,
Where gentle things might thrive,
And there in peace with me grow;

A valley far from noise and hurry,
Filled with only pleasant sound,
So completely free from worry,
That all the animals flock around;

Discord would be a thing of the past,
In this beautiful paradise of mine,
As contentment would come at last,
In my quiet secluded valley so fine.

The Muskrat

It's fairly obvious the muskrat is happy. Diving in the water, swimming effortlessly here and there, he seems a carefree soul. One moment he's nibbling on a blade of grass, then plunging into the water his mouth filled with a bouquet of grass, as he dives headfirst into his home in the bank.

The muskrat appears oblivious of all around him, and goes about his business as if the world were his and he had as much right in it as anyone else. A calmness seems to prevail with the muskrat, as he never seems to worry, but acts as if he always has things well in hand. At swimming he is an expert. His hind legs propel him along with their long easy strokes, while his chin sets on the surface of the water, gently breaking the water like a bow.

His ancestors where here before mine, and staked their claim long before mine ever set foot on this continent. Therefore I suppose he has as much right, if not more right to that water hole than I have.


Water, our life you are,
You have life giving power,
All living things you feed,
For you all life has a need;

Be it a flower or the grass,
Or a man drinking from a glass,
Be it a dog or hare,
Or a bird flying in the air;

Or the fish that do swim,
Or the tree's living limb,
For water each and all,
Need the drops that fall;

Farmers with their crops of grain,
That soak up all the rain,
Need the water from the sky,
Without which we all would die.

In Loving Memory

It has been a year,
Since you from us did part,
But you will always be dear,
Within our memory and our heart.

The days without you are long,
And we are sad you are gone,
But you would want us to be strong,
And with our lives to go on.

Now you are at rest,
Free from all pain and woe,
In the realm of the blest,
Where love and peace doth flow.

We look forward to seeing you again,
Upon the other shore,
There will be no sadness then,
But peace and happiness evermore.

Let The Sunshine In

One has only to open a window and pull up the shade to brighten up their world by letting the sunlight and fresh air into a room. What a wonderful thing the sunshine is. How it brightens our world. The sunlight makes everything glow in its heavenly light. It lights up the darkest corners of a room, and takes away the musty odors and dankness in the air. The sunlight makes everything fresh and bright.

What a pity all the free sunlight going to waste while people are wont to spend their days in their dark rooms. It is like refusing love when it is given. There are rooms that have not had sunlight in them for many years. There are dark rooms locked away in our hearts as well. They need to be opened up and bathed in heavenly sunlight also.

Sometimes our homes and our hearts become to moldy and stuffy. There are too many closed doors and dark rooms in our world. It is time to let the warm sunlight and fresh air in. It is time brighten the dark rooms, and bathe in God's heavenly sunlight.

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