My Writings (New 3)

Wild Geese Flying

I hear the far off sound,
Of wild geese flying,
Wonder where they are bound,
In the night crying.

Oh, to be with them and soar,
Beyond my mortal home,
To fly along evermore,
Up in the sky to roam.

But I must stay and dream
Of flying far away,
Could be within the scheme,
My flying there someday.


In the dimming light of evening, the grass already slightly moist with dew, it is my pleasure to stroll. I say stroll, because I'm not going anywhere in particularat such times, but just strolling along enjoying the coolness and the quietness of the evening.

It is difficult to imagine anything wrong with the world at eveningtime. Turmoil and strife seem as far away then as those first tiny specks of light, the stars, which begin to dot the evening sky.

We are granted a brief respite in the evening from those cares and worries which weigh us down by day, and sometimes plague us in the night.

Coming To The Light

We only come to the light,
When love comes inside,
We only depart from night,
When love does abide.

With love as our guide,
We shall someday heaven see,
For love will provide,
All that's good for you and me.

Love is blessed charity,
That puts self behind,
The true way to be free,
And peace and joy to find.

If we love God's only son,
Then we come to love everyone.

Positive Thoughts

I'll not pretend I know the key to happiness, but I think one can go a long way toward finding that key by thinking positive thoughts. It's not so easy to do. Negative thoughts seem more persistent and pervasive. Positive thoughts demand a lot of faith, and more will power.

The best side of life is the brighter side, but getting there can be an arduous task. The rewards however are worth it. Dark thoughts, thinking the worst, usually makes things worse than they really are.

A turn of our mind is all it takes to make the world seem a more cheerful place. Right in our mind is the key to happiness. All we need are positive thoughts. There is always a silver lining somewhere in everything that happens to us. We just have to find it.

We get into this bad habit of thinking negatively, of expecting the worst, and it's hard to change. Negative thoughts are the rust that destroys us. They secrete the acids and cause the ulcers, the hypertension, the jittery nerves, and gray hairs.

Positive thoughts are the healing balm, the salve that saves us from ourselves. They are the health of the body and soul. It really is a simple matter to think positively, and so much better for us and everyone around us. Just think how wonderful our life and the whole world would be if everyone thought positive thoughts.

The Spark of Creativity

Each of us has within himself or herself this spark of creativity. It may take many forms. Sometimes the spark lies dormant, and may never be fanned to flame. The inspiration to create is as mysterious and unfathomable as the creativity itself.

For some creativity may be a continuous, passionate, burning flame, while for others it may be only a barely glowing ember occasionally flaring into flame. For some creativity is an enjoyable pastime and adjunct to life, while for others creativity is their life.

The creation of a plan or idea of benefit at work or home, the creation of a building or a city, a garden or crop, a cradle or chair, a shoe or sock, a quilt or sweater, a machine or other invention, an organization or a business, a family, a church, a society, or a government, is just as much a part of the creative process as the creation of a novel or painting or other work of art. All come about as the result of the spark of creativity, and are fanned to flame by inspiration, and to fruition by dedication, hard work, and desire.

The Amazing Stars

The stars, the amazing stars,
Who light the night with mystery,
Those glittering worlds afar,
From the distant reaches of space,
From their orbits in the unknown,
Transmit light through eons of time,
To catch our eye at this moment,
To pierce our thoughts at last.

Thus the awe they emit,
The great wonder they evoke,
With ages old messages,
In their bright twinkling rays,
In those tiny distant lights,
Which grace our sky every night,
And like old friends return again,
To speak of beauty and infinity.

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