My Writings (New 15)

The Harmony of the Universe

Reason and order, this is the pulse of the universe. All things occur in a natural sequence of events, the seasons, all growth, and all change. Universal order permeates the smallest element, and regulates the largest galaxy. There is a divine accord apparent in every aspect of Creation with everything in existence moving in unison and vibrating in harmony.

All desturbances and discord sooner or later fits in once more with the divine order of things, and the meanest of circumstances in time is forced by a higher power to serve the whole for the good of the universe. This is not a haphazard world, and we do not exist without purpose, but with every breath we breathe and every move we make fulfill some devine destiny.

Every galaxy, star, planet, human being, animal, plant, element, and atom is a part of the plan of the universe. We all proceed relentlessly in the scheme of things, and are one great sea of being propelled in the universe.

I understand that on this earth reason and order seem to abdicate during certain periods of unrest and violence, but this can be compared to the dust which the wind flings forth at times obscuring all around for a moment until it is settled back in place again, then all is serene as before and perhaps even more beautiful.

In truth perhaps these desturbances are a necessary part of the natural process of the universe, just as suns are broken into disarray to create new worlds. The Bible in Genesis 1:1 says "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth." God is in control of heaven and earth, and His will shall be done.

The Clouds

There is about clouds a glory. We look at the clouds and somehow we are not as afraid anymore, and our troubles don't seem quite as bad as before. When we look at the clouds drifting through the sky we are no longer tethered to our earthly cares, but feel in our thoughts uplifted into the clouds.

The clouds entrall us, and viewing them seems to help us rise above our problems here on earth, and find peace. Just lifting our eyes to look up at the sky and the clouds has a wonderful positive effect upon us. For a moment at least, we seem to cast off a burdensome world and relax.

It is a good thing to look up once in a while, for our eyes tend to focus down too much in this life, and to take our hopes down too. The world can get to look like a rather dirty and unpleasant place if we do not look up at the clouds once in a while. Sometimes we get caught up in the worry and the hurry of our existence, and forget to take the time to survey the horizon. Even if there are no beautiful clouds up there it is nice to look up at the lovely blue sky, and survey the horizon every so often. To scan the horizon is indeed nourishment for our soul.

How distressing life seems sometimes, and how utterly desturbing and frustrating. It seems as if everything in our life is so inharmonious, and that there is nothing beyond the pain and heartache, but if we lift our eyes and see those clouds drifting free and easy overhead, moving so softly and gently in the breeze, then we feel better and think that maybe, just maybe, life can be that way.

In the Bible Jesus says in Matthew 24:30 "And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory."

The Elements Befriended Me

Gray was the color of the sky.
It was cold and dark and gray.
The ground was frozen,
The sun was hidden behind the clouds,
And I was so sad and alone.

Then blue broke through the clouds,
The sun peeked out its face,
And smiled brightly at me,
And the south wind blew a little warmth my way.
I did not feel so sad and alone anymore,
For the elements befriended me.

The Fog

All around has an eerie aspect when fog enshrouded. We feel as if we are in another world filled with beautiful strange forms, and spirit like beings when the fog is all about. The fog is mysterious, and has an essence of the unknown about it.

Only near objects are visible in the dense fog as all else is wrapped in the gray mist. We look out our window and where there should be hills and trees, we see only the fog. The fog hems us in making us feel confined, and even our breathing seems constricted. Actually the fog is a cloud that has come down to earth, so in sense when the fog descends upon us we are living in a cloud.

The fog truly transforms the landscape so that nothing seems the same. Familiar landmarks disappear or change in appearance so that we are not sure where we are. Particularly hazardous is attempting to drive in dense fog as headlights do not seem to penetrate the fog, and we cannot see more than a few feet down the highway.

A melancholy mood attends us when we venture forth in the fog. Each of us has a foggy side to our nature that is completely contrary to the side of blue skies and bright sunshine. The earth like us has its varying moods.

Shattered Worlds

There are times our whole world seems to be collapsing, and we are unable to find anything solid to cling to as we are being torn apart. Sometimes our world disintegrates from within, while other times it is bombarded from without. Sometimes our world is held in place by other worlds, and the collapse of those worlds cause our destruction.

We must constantly work at keeping our world together, or it falls apart. We believe our world to be safe and secure, and then out of nowhere a puff of wind comes along and topples everything. It does not take much to blow our castles down, and to shake the ground beneath our feet. We are rarely prepared for attacks on our world.

A shattered world is a common occurrence in life. If possible, we must attempt to put the pieces of our world back together, and build again, build a new and better world.

The Chipmunks

It would be good if we were as mentally healthy as chipmunks appear to be. They are always curious and happy it seems to me. Standing on their hind legs and whistling up a storm, they portray a positive attitude.

The chipmunks make their homes under rocks and in hollow logs, and can be seen often standing at their doorways surveying the passerby. With their bright little eyes they exhibit an interest in the world and and a zest for life. There is no apathy among the chipmunks, and no tendency to worry and have doubts I would dare to say.

Troubles encumber and bewilder us, and the atrocities of our world make us to fear and cower. The difficulties of living sometime tyrannize over us, and cause us to forsake our hopes and dreams, but those little chipmunks running about in the pure and fresh woodland air seem to possess a wondrous faith in the magic of life that we have lost.

See how they dart about imbued with such energy. They are ever at frolic and play engaging wholeheartedly in the game of living. Truly chipmunks are creatures in harmony with their existence.

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