My Writings (New 13)


Solitude is a state of existence most appealing to me. Being alone can be a joyful experience, a time for repose and reflection, a time to return to our own thoughts and to really notice the world around us. The benefits of solitude are the relaxation of frayed nerves as well as the mental stimulus of being away from our troubles for awhile, and being completely unpressed for time.

Solitude gives us a chance to do what we truly want to do, to be uninhibited, and to rediscover our likes and dislikes, and who we are. It is a great mental lift to get out into the countryside by ourself. It is good just to get away from people and forget about them for a time, and to concentrate on other things such as the trees, the sky, and the land. It is also a good time to enjoy and appreciate nature, to listen to the birds, to notice the flowers and plants, and the wild animals.

Walking alone in the woods, standing alone on a hill, we fill expanded, we feel a part of everything, and our thoughts content themselves in the pleasures of the senses. We seem to almost hear the hum of the universe, and to feel the turning of the earth.

It is a feeling we do not feel when people are around for then we seem to draw into ourself, and worry about our actions and what we are going to say. A freedom of spirit pervades us when alone that we never have when we are around people. We have a sense of lightness and airiness when alone, a kind of tranquillity and peace.

Being alone is also a good time for prayer, and of finding a closer relationship with God. It is a good time to read the Bible and reflect about our faith and how we can best serve God, and to seek guidance about the direction of our life. It can also be a time to find solace and comfort in listening to beautiful hymns and other uplifting and inspiring music.

A person must be alone to fully practice introspection. Thought is conceived best in solitude. It can be very helpful, in regard to problem solving, to find some time away from others in seclusion every so often in order to focus our thoughts.

Because a person enjoys solitude from time to time does not mean that they do not like people and do not enjoy being in the company of people. It merely means that we all have a need at times to get away and refresh our spirit alone, so that we can better deal with life in the future. Then when we do emerge from our solitude and meditation to be with people we are more kind, loving, and understanding.

O Hand of God Uphold Me

O hand of God uphold me
In this land of sorrow and woe,
Let me ever walk with Thee
Unto the land where joy doth flow.

Let me walk and not despair,
Be My friend so near and true,
Take away my every care,
Let me dwell ever close to you.

My strength, my help, my power,
O my God be with me here,
For I need Thee every hour
To deliver my heart from fear.

In the troubles of every day,
Take my part and hold my hand,
Never far from me go away,
But lead me onward in this land.

O hand of God uphold me,
In Thy love and mercy,
And I shall enter the gates of pearl
To dwell forever with Thee.


People react in various ways to adversity. Some people are able to face adversity with calm faith and fortitude and others are unable to cope well with it. At times when we are faced with seemingly insurmountable problems and troubles we feel so helpless. Certain situations in life arise that we are powerless to do anything about, and unable to make things better. At such times our faith can sustain us and help us to go on.

Adversity is an obstacle challenging us which either crushes us or elevates us. If we can withstand the storms of adversity we often emerge stronger for it. Sometimes it is not the adversity itself which does us harm, but the way we react to the adversity.

When we have done all we can do, and whatever happens is out of our control, then we must rely upon our faith that God is in control of the situation and that His will will be done, and that whatever happens it will be for the best.

We know that God loves us, and we can feel comforted in the faith that God in His love and mercy will be with us and our loved ones, and protect us and keep us in this life and beyond, even unto eternity.


The trees beautify our earth. Trees are our silent companions from birth to death. As children we use to climb the trees and sometimes tie swings on their limbs or build treehouses in them. The birds and squirrels build nests in them, and all the animals of the forest depend on trees for shelter and food. The wood they provide is a very valuable product for building homes and many other uses.

Trees are also valuable as a watershed and to prevent erosion. They are also a valuable source of oxygen, and of removing carbon dioxide and other pollutants from the air. The deserts and tundras of the world that have no trees are the most forbidding and desolate places on earth. How barren the world would be without trees. Trees fill the empty places, and take the loneliness out of the land. Where trees grow in profusion the land is fertile, and fit for living things.

Being immobile trees are rather vulnerable. They cannot run from their enemies, and those who would do them harm. They are unable to defend themselves. People destroy the trees mercilessly out of greed and ignorance. Someday, if the trend continues, there may no longer be any trees. Once the trees are all gone, I think we will follow soon after.

Trees are sentinels who quietly observe our coming and going. There is about trees a stateliness and a dignified quality. We are inspired by their presence, and are given a loftier view of life. The trees suggest a serene, tranquil state of nature, and we are ever drawn to them seeking harmony beneath their boughs..

Trees blend into their surroundings as they enhance what is beautiful, and yet do their part to shroud and obscure what is ugly and unsightly. The trees announce the seasons with all the glory and magnificence they possess. They take on the season's face and mood, and make each season more beautiful. In spring the trees bud and flower and their leaves begin to grow and turn green, and in autumn their leaves lend beautiful hues of color to the landscape.

We feel close to the trees. They linger in our memories giving their various shapes and colors to our thoughts. We are comforted by the trees as they seem at sympathy with our every mood, and spread their limbs over us in protective fashion with their leaves blown by wind whispering peace.

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